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Tranquil Canal Trek: Discovering Bang Kor Bua

Embark on a new adventure today with a community-based tourism experience in Bang Kor Bua. Led by President Eak, we’ll be warmly welcomed into the tourism club. Our journey begins at a charming little pier behind the house, where we’ll paddle through the historic Khlong Phae canal. This waterway was once a vital trade route […]

Experience the Northeastern Culture (Isaan)

Let’s explore Buriram through local destinations like Buriram Castle, Buriram United’s Chang Arena Stadium and Prasat Muang Tam, an archaeological site of Khmer temple over 1,000 years old. Besides, the destination offers ‘volcano mud’ as an unique ingredient to dye cotton fabric. Buriram is also famous for traditional crafts such as woven reed mats and […]