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Tha Chai, Sukhothai

Tha Chai Community, Si Satchanalai District, Sukhothai Province

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Let’s travel to ‘Tha Chai - Si Satchanalai’, an over 800-year-old community in Sukhothai Province. Dating back to the Sukhothai era, this destination was the land of civilization as it was the center of kiln production for export to Silk Road trade routes. There are many historical attractions, traditional lifestyles, and cultural heritages including paintings by Si Satchanalai artists, Thai murals at Taling Chan Temple, old carved patterns on gold and silver, and woven fabric of Si Satchanalai. This is a perfect route for travelers who love history! 

  • Visit Baan Silapa Silalang Art Gallery.
  • Learn how to carve gold with classic patterns of Si Satchanalai.
  • Visit Chutikarn Cricket Farm, an alternative source of protein.
  • See 100-year-old Thai murals at Taling Chan Temple.

Tour Plan

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Day 1

03.00 PM

Arrive at Tha Chai - Si Satchanalai and check into the homestay. Receive a warm welcome from the local representatives and the homestay hosts and enjoy your local snack and refreshing drinks. 

04.00 PM

Travel to Khok Sing Karam Temple. Attend ‘Bai Sri’ or a blessing ceremony before visiting Baan Silapa Silalang Art Gallery to watch beautiful pieces of art by Si Satchanalai artists. You can also shop for local products such as woven fabric, sugar-boiled banana puree candy, processed crickets, and woven baskets.  

04.45 PM 

Have local dinner at Khok Sing Karam. 

06.00 PM

Return to the homestay and have some free time.

Day 2

06.00 AM 

Wake up early and get ready for your tram trip to Phra Prang Temple to make merit accompanied by your local guide who will make your journey more fun with interesting stories. 

07.00 AM

Get on the tram at the homestay to Phra Prang Temple to join a merit making ritual by offering food to the Buddhist monks to get blessings at the beginning of the day. The ritual takes place at the entrance of the temple with 2 pagodas - Phra That Chaliang and Phra That Mutao in the background. After that, let’s go to ‘Saphan Yok’, or the green bridge landmark with a beautiful landscape. 

Remark: In order to avoid any traffic caused by the merit making activity, mats will be provided next to the pagoda on the northern side for you to sit while giving food to the monks. Each person will receive 3 baskets of offerings, flowers and an envelope for donation (optional). 

07.15 AM 

Pay respect to the Buddha statues of Luang Phor Toh, Luang Phor Dhammachak and Phra Ruang - Phra Lue enshrined in the ordination hall before taking a walk around the temple to see other ancient religious sites and enjoy taking some beautiful photos. 

07.30 AM 

Go back to the homestay by tram to have ‘Tom Sen Kang Ron’ or glass noodles in coconut milk curry for breakfast. 

08.30 AM

Take the tram to Si Satchanalai Historical Park to see wall carvings at Wat Nang Phaya - the original patterns of Si Satchanalai gold and silver ornaments. 

08.45 AM 

Enter the historical park and listen to the story of Si Satchanalai from the staff of the historical park. 

09.45 AM

Travel to Khiri Temple, also known as Wat Teen Khao to pay respect to Kuang Phor Toh, the Budda statue with highest lap width in Sukhothai and the Buddha statues of Phra Palad Sai and Phra Palad Kwa. Then, let’s walk up the naga staries to see a panoramic view of Si Satchanalai before having local snacks and cool drinks. 

10.30 AM 

Learn how to carve gold with classic patterns of Si Satchanalai and enjoy shopping for souvenirs. 

11.15 AM 

Take the tram to see the making of silver carved ornaments. Make a silver carved ring by yourself and bring it back home as a souvenir. 

12.00 PM 

Go to Baitong Noodle Restaurant. Learn how to make Si Satchanalai noodle soup and enjoy it for lunch!! 

01.30 PM 

Visit the weaving group and see how local weavers create their signature patterns - ‘Tha Chai’ and ‘Kruea Wan’. Then, let’s make a keychain using Tha Chai - Si Satchanalai woven fabric. 

02.30 PM

Travel to Chomprang Cafe. Let’s try the signature banana puree cake with refreshing beverages and a homemade bakery while enjoying a view of Phra Prang Temple. 

03.00 PM 

Visit Chutikarn Cricket Farm, an alternative source of protein before shopping for local products. 

04.00 PM 

Travel to Baan Klang Na Restaurant to enjoy local dinner and folk songs with a calm and peaceful view of paddy fields. 

06.00 PM 

Return to the homestay and enjoy free time. 

Day 3

07.00 AM 

Enjoy local breakfast. Pack your bags and get ready for today’s activities. 

08.30 AM

Travel to the place of Phu Kham - Phu Chan who was highly revered in Si Satchanalai. Then, let’s make ‘Mor Kang Tao Tan’ which is a Thai custard cake baked on a charcoal stove, and freshen up with a cool honey lemon drink. 

09.30 AM 

Visit the basket weaving group of Si Satchanalai to learn how to weave a basket. Make one by yourself and bring it back home as a souvenir.  

10.30 AM 

See Taling Chan Temple’s murals which are over 100 years old and painted during the reign of King Rama VI and King Rama V in the Rattanakosin era. The temple still carries on a Buddhist annual ceremony - Thot Kathin on the river where Buddhists will offer new robes and other gifts to the monks. Then, pay respect to Luang Phor Toh, the highly revered Buddha statue of Si Satchanalai. 

11.30 AM 

Have lunch at 327 Slow Bar in Baan Pa Gluay Community. Enjoy local dishes served in a modern style. 

01.00 PM 

Return home safely. 


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