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Baan Duea, Nong Khai

SUP Experience on Mekong River with Beautiful Sunset (2D1N) (Baan Deu, Nhongkhai)

2 days
Max People
Min Age
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4.63 /5


Baan Deu is a small village located near Mekong River across from Laos. Most villagers here live a simple life as fishermen or farmers until they have decided to turn their village into a tourism spot.

This small and charming village has amazingly many activities that visitors can try and do as they are pleased from SUP board, cooking class, massage, tie-dye t-shirt, and organic soap making activities. The food at Ban Deu is also very special because their special ingredient, local grown “figs” that they have developed into different recipes and even into products like t-shirts with fig color!

And with the sunset view along Mekong River, it will be hard for anyone to go home without wanting to come back to visit this place again.

Additional add-on activities:

- Tie-Dye T-shirt making activity (natural color from fig)

- Local Cooking Class

- Biking Activity

- Local Performance by the local community

- Massage with the view of Mekong River

** With customized tours, you can create your own itinerary. Please ask us for the price of each activity. For joined tours, the activities cannot be changed or substituted.


- Wear comfortable clothes and bring stuff that will cover you from the sun including sunscreen, hat, sneakers

- Bring your empty stomach because the local communities will not stop serving you their food until you can’t walk anymore!

What is included in this trip:

- Meals per program (for 1D2N program – dinner (1) and breakfast (1))

- 1 night accommodation at a Local Homestay (2 people per 1 room but if you’d like one room just for yourself, you can request it for additional charge.)

- Local tour guide

- VAT 7%

What is not included in the program:

- Any personal expenses

- Additional food or beverages that are not part of the program (lunch on the arriving day can be added on with additional charge but needs to be arranged in advance)

- Any other additional services

How to get there:

- You can fly to Nhongkai Airport from Bangkok and rent a car to the local community. But we can arrange a van to pick you up as well for additional charge. Please contact us for more information on this service.


Price maybe varied based on the numbers of people for each trip. The price stated is the starting price per person.

Our tour programs are “joined tours” and “customized tours” with minimum numbers of travellers – 4 people minimum.

For “Upcoming tours”, please go to our website stating on the FB page. For customized tours, DM us for information.

Happy Travel!

  • SUP Board and Boating on Mekong River during sunset
  • Making of banana leave vessel (Krathong) with flowers inside to put into the river
  • Dinner at the local restaurant owned by the local community with special local menus
  • Organic Soap making activity with River View

Tour Plan

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Day 1

02.00 PM

Arrive at Baan Duea Community. Have some local snacks and a refreshing herbal drink. Then, leave your luggage at the accommodation and travel to Utumporn Temple.

03.00 PM

Pay respect to the Buddha statue of Luang Phor Tanjai and Luang Phor Phra Sai. Watch the old ‘Kaew Koon Mueang’ rowing boat and visit the traditional main hall built in 1857 serving as a place to perform sacred rituals.

03.30 PM

Make a ‘Kratong’ - a floating banana leaf vessel and decorate it with colorful flowers to worship the Goddess of Water.

04.00 PM

Cruise along the Mekong River and enjoy beautiful natural scenery alongside. Release your Kratong into the river to pay respect to Wat Pang Kone, an ancient submerged temple of Mekong. The locals believe that Wat Pang Kone is the resting place of the nagas. Then, let’s go to the 200-year-old Fig Tree and snap some great shots with it before riding a bike through the village and then going back to the local chef’s restaurant.

05.00 PM

Time for stand up paddle boarding. Paddle the board along the Mekong to feel close to the Great River of life to both Thai and Lao people.

06.00 PM

Return to the accommodation. Leisure time.

07.00 PM

Experience dinner served on a round traditional table at Baan Duea’s local chef restaurant.

08.30 PM

Return to the homestay. Have a good night.

Day 2

07.00 AM

Wake up early to go to Utumporn Temple to offer food to the Buddhist monks.

08.00 AM

Have breakfast in a local style.

09.00 AM

Learn how local wisdom turns figs into local products like fig shampoo, fig soap, shirts dyed with figs, fig tea and sweet dough pyramid stuffed with fig and Tilapia fish. After learning the benefits of figs - the local fruit that generates money for the locals, now it’s time to make a fig soap in your own style.

09.30 AM

Enjoy shopping for local products and souvenirs of Baan Duea before checking out and traveling to Sala Kaew Ku Sculpture Park.

10.30 AM

Arrive at ‘Sala Kaew Ku’, also known as ‘Wat Khaek’. The park is a popular destination among both Thai and foregin tourists. There are over 200 hundreds of giant concrete sculptures including Buddha statues, Hindu gods and characters from folklore.

12.10 PM

Have lunch at Bo Pla V.S. Fishing Park Restaurant.

01.40 PM

Travel to Pho Chai Temple.

01.45 PM

Visit Pho Chai, an old temple in Nong Khai with ‘Luang Phor Phra Sai’, a much-revered Bronze metal Buddha statue sitting cross-legged with the posture of subduing Mara. In the Buddha image hall, you can see delicate mural paintings with the Buddha statue of Luang Phor Phra Sai enshrined in the middle of the hall.

03.15 PM

Travel to Baan Wang Nam Mork.

04.30 PM

Arrive at Baan Wang Nam Mork, a village with the Lanna and Lan Chang culture. Although the village is located in northeastern Thailand, it features both the culture of Lanna, Chiang Mai mixed with the cultural vibes of Lan Chang.

Check in to the accommodation and leave your luggage in the room. Leisure time.

05.00 PM

Wear the ‘Song Lan Song Viang’ traditional costume. Then, let’s admire the beauty of craft lanterns shining bright in the evening before joining ‘Bai Sri Noi’, a spirit blessing ceremony where the elders will tie white strings around your wrist to wish you the best of luck. Leisure time.

06.30 PM

Have dinner.

08.00 PM

Return to the accommodation. Have a good night!

Day 3

06.00 AM

Let’s start the day with the ritual of giving alms by donating food to Buddhist monks.

07.00 AM

Have breakfast.

08.30 AM

Learn how to make ‘Khan Koo Phee’, a small banana leaf basket with colorful flowers and joss sticks. Wear the Song Lan Song Viang costume and bring your Khan Koo Phee to Thesa Rangsee Temple to pay homage to the Buddha statue of Phrachao Lanthong enshrined inside. This is a religious ritual believed to increase your lifespan.

10.30 AM

Return to Wang Nam Mork. Enjoy your leisure time and take some beautiful photos around the community.

11.00 AM

Let’s learn from a local chef how to cook flavorful local dishes of Baan Nam Mork such as roasted chicken, spicy fish sausage and ‘Larb Buk Lin Mai’ or northeastern-style spicy salad with local vegetables.

12.00 PM

Enjoy your meal!

01.30 PM

Pack your luggage and check out. Return home safely.


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Location 4.63
Amenities 4.63
Services 4.63
Price 4.63
Rooms 4.63


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