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Node Na Lay, Songkhla

Node Na Lay, Songkhla Old Town, Songkhla Province

3 days
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Hua Khao Community is a destination with a long history located in Songkhla Province. You can see the beauty of the old architecture around the town such as places to perform rituals for Buddhists, Chinese, and Muslims, walls, and buildings. There is also a Chinese old town where you can find delicious Chino-Portuguese cuisine and visit old shops. Even if the town is old, it is still alive and vibrant with businesses of younger generations and creative elements such as street art, music fairs, and walking tours. Moreover, you will explore a ‘Node-Na-Lay’ lifestyle and find out how local people’s lives are related to the sea, rice fields, and Toddy Palm farms.


Tour Plan

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Day 1

01.30 PM

Arrive at the accommodation in the old town. Leave your luggage in the room and let’s meet at the meeting point. 

02.00 PM 

Take a long-tail boat gliding through Songkhla Lake and get on a ‘Saleng’ which is a local 3-wheel motorcycle for sightseeing around the community. 

  • See houses at Kampaeng Laem Son. 
  • Visit Road Rohmah Mosque and see a local way of life before going to a viewpoint on a hill.  
  • Enjoy local snacks - ‘Kanom Kom’ and ‘Kanom Daeng’

05.00 PM 

Have dinner at Songkhla Pier with a night view of Songkhla Old Town. Enjoy fresh seafood of Songkhla - steamed blue swimmer crabs, fried rice with blue swimmer crab paste, shrimps, fried mullets, and oysters from Songkhla Lake.  

08.00 PM 

Travel back to the old town by long-tail boat. Enjoy your free time at the accommodation. 

Day 2

02.00 PM

Visit ‘Yup Ian Choi’, the first library of the city library project supported by the Department of Cultural Promo

08.00 AM

Have breakfast in the old town.

09.30 AM 

Time to explore the old town! Walk through 3 famous roads - Namg Ngam, Nakhon Nok and Nakhon Nai and visit a local museum to learn the history of the old town. 

12.00 PM

Have lunch in the old town. 

tion, Ministry of Culture and Book Studies Foundation. 

03.00 PM

Take a long-tail boat trip to Hua Khao Community. Explore the place and join local activities.

  • Sip a cup of tea in a garden before making ‘Khlu’ herbal tea in Songkhla style at the Khlu Tea Center.  
  • Make ‘Kai Krob’ or salty duck egg yolks which is a signature food of Songkhla. You will see how people use local wisdom to preserve food in a very traditional way. 

04.00 PM 

Enjoy kayaking in Songkhla Lake. Then, let’s plant young mangroves for forest restoration. 

06.30 PM 

Have local dinner - southern Thai sour curry with pineapples and Small Scale Mud Carp, Kai Krob, Thai chili paste with fresh vegetables and fried fish. 

08.00 PM 

Take a long-tail boat trip back to the old town and return to the accommodation. 

Day 3

08.00 AM

Have breakfast in the old town. 

10.45 AM 

Explore Node Na Lay’s way of life and join local activities.

  • Make a toddy palm soap. 
  • Make toddy palm sugar powder. 

12.00 PM 

Have lunch at Node Na Lay. Enjoy delicious local dishes such as spicy stir-fried catfish, sweet stir-fried shrimps and southern spicy salad with toddy palm.

01.00 PM 

Return home safely. 


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