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Baan Luang Neua, Chiang Mai

Culture Tour: Learning Tai Lue Culture & Farming Experience and (1D Tour) (Luang Neu, Chiangmai)

1 days
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Visitors to a Tai Leu community can experience the culture through various activities such as participating in traditional dressed, dances, trying local food, observing artisans at work, and visiting local temples. As Tai Leu people are known for their warm hospitality and visitors can often stay with a local family to experience daily life in the community.

Tai Leu people have a rich cultural heritage, with a distinct language, traditional clothing, and unique customs and beliefs. They are known for their skill in weaving and textile production, and their fabrics are highly prized for their intricate designs and vibrant colors.

Tai Leu outfits is unique and visitors usually try on traditional Tai Leu outfit, which is usually involved putting your hair up into turban for both men and women. The women in the community usually are excellent weavers so you will get to see their weaving technique at the local community center. The local community also get together to prepare local lunch for your group and during the afternoon, you will get to experience the local farming experience and try organic vegetables and eggs as well as walking in the rice field during sunset time!

Overall, the Tai Leu community is a fascinating and unique cultural group with a rich history and traditions. A visit to a Tai Leu community can be an opportunity to learn about their way of life and experience their hospitality and warmth firsthand.

Additional add-on activities:

- Local Cooking Class

- Local Performance by the local community

- Dinner with Local Performance

** With customized tours, you can create your own itinerary. Please ask us for the price of each activity. For joined tours, the activities cannot be changed or substituted.


- Wear clothes and shoes that are equipped for walking in the area.

- We recommend you wear light clothing, sunscreen as well as bring hats or umbrellas with you.

What is included in this trip:

- Meals per program (for 1D program – Lunch (1))

- Local tour guide

- VAT 7%

What is not included in the program:

- Any personal expenses

- Additional food or beverages that are not part of the program (Dinner at the end of the tour along with local performance can be added on with additional charge but needs to be arranged in advance)

- A night at a local community homestay or farm stay can be added. Please contact us for additional pricing.

- Any other additional services

How to get there:

- You can fly to Chiangmai Airport from Bangkok and rent a car to the local community. But we can arrange a van to pick you up as well for additional charge. Please contact us for more information on this service.


Price maybe varied based on the numbers of people for each trip. The price stated is the starting price per person.

Our tour programs are “joined tours” and “customized tours” with minimum numbers of travellers – 8 people minimum.

For “Upcoming tours”, please go to our website stating on the FB page. For customized tours, DM us for information.

Happy Travel!

  • Dress up in Tai Leu traditional clothes
  • Weaving Demonstration and Learning “Tai Leu” way of life
  • Craft Workshops: Making of “Yam” (traditional Tai Leu bag) and hand-made yarn lamp
  • Lunch in local buffet way
  • Local Farming Experience (Rice Field, Organic Vegetable tasting, etc.)


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At the moment, the price for adults and children are the same because all the activities are the same for adults and children. The exceptions are with toddlers or children that cannot participate in the tour activities yet.