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Welcome to the land of 3 Coasts & 3 Cultures

This charming community can be defined the land of three seas and three cultures. This community is regarded as a community with its own identity and characteristics, attracting people from various cultures. There are plenty of natural attractions for tourists which are related to culture, agriculture, and distinction in the “community way of life”.

The best Kaolin Ceramic with Local Hot Springs

Heading deep into the valley Learn about the way of life of nomads. Rent a hot spring Ban Som Paen Beach, Ranong A community rich in natural minerals, everyone will learn community ways through kaolin ceramic molding activities that are important resources of the Hat Som Paen community at Ban Hat Som Paen Ceramics Group. […]

Once In A Lifetime With Natural Tours

Ban Sam Chong Nuea community is a fishing village, and the majority of the population is Muslim. One of the things most tourists experience is the seaside lifestyle. and the simplicity of living with nature and having eco-tourism activities There are many things to do, from cruising to see the beautiful scenery to learning how […]

Node Na Lay, Songkhla Old Town, Songkhla Province

Hua Khao Community is a destination with a long history located in Songkhla Province. You can see the beauty of the old architecture around the town such as places to perform rituals for Buddhists, Chinese, and Muslims, walls, and buildings. There is also a Chinese old town where you can find delicious Chino-Portuguese cuisine and […]

Nature Escape: Local Flavors and Wellness Amidst Wilderness

Nestled amidst lush nature, this quaint village boasts a tranquil canal fed by Klong Nok Tha originating from Khao Luang National Park. Serving as an interactive learning hub, it promotes community-tourist engagement. Locals thrive on agriculture – orchards, rubber groves – and offer diverse pursuits like cycling, trekking, and exploring Phrom Lok Waterfall. Immerse in […]

Rainforest Retreat: Yala’s Untouched Beauty

Escape the city and breathe in the fresh air of Yala province’s tropical rainforests. Discover the untouched beauty of Hala-Bala Forest, a pristine area on the Thai-Malaysian border. Immerse yourself in nature’s wonders and spot fascinating birds like hornbills. Step into a realm of untouched nature as you venture into the heart of Hala-Bala Forest. […]

Heritage Discoveries: Ban Chiang’s Timeless Treasures

Embark on an enriching journey to Ban Museum Community (Ban Chiang), where history, art, and culture intertwine. From the moment you arrive, you will be warmly welcomed with a refreshing drink of butterfly pea and lime juice, complemented by delightful snacks. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the region as you visit the renowned […]