A Day in Muang Kham: Zero Waste Zero Carbon tourism, Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand
1 Day
English, Thai

Ms. Natjan Chairat

Muang Kham Community Leader

A Day in Muang Kham is a project that I have been working with the government through the Trade Policy and Strategy Office in empowering my community through environmentally freindly tourism under the concept of Zero waste Zero Carbon.

About the trip
History & Culture Nature and Environmental Homestay & Farmstay
"A Day in Muang Kham" offers a unique glimpse to Muang Kham village. Visitors will experience local routine of Muang Kham residents and get their hands dirty with two workshops under the theme of "Zero Waste, Zero Carbon."

Ms. Natjan is the community leader in MuangKham village. She was born and raised in Muang Kham. Currently she is operating a farmstay called Pong Yang Farm. This package is a project she has been working with the Thai government through the Trade Policy and Strategy Office in empowering the community through environmental tourism.
  • Candle Flower Handcraft Workshop
  • Local Lunch at Pong-Yang Farm
  • Fruit Ice-cream making workshop
Day One

Meeting time: 8:30am 


The day will begin at Muang Kham Temple, a cultural and spiritual center of Muang Kham Community, visitors will join a Candle Flower Handcraft Workshop. This workshop will allow visitors to make their own environmentally friendly flowers before offering them to the Buddha during the morning pray. 

After morning pray, visitors will visit local vegetable farms to pick up local ingredient for their lunch. For lunch, visitor will get to try local food with local ingredient in order to minimize the carbon footprint in product transport. After lunch, visitors will enjoy an ice-cream making workshop at Pongyang homestay. The fruit for this workshop depends on the season. The options include avocado, machademia, and mango. Before the end of the program, tourists can choose to offset their carbon emission by using a slingshot to plant tree seeds in the local forest.


Finish time: 3:00pm

  • One Lunch and One Dessert
  • Candle workshop equipment
  • Ice-cream making equipment
  • Transportation during the trip
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Minimal environmental impact through no plastic and low carbon activities

A Day in Muang Kham will bring more tourists into the village which will generate local economic growth. The tour also aims to cause minimal environmental impact on society through no plastic and low carbon activities. 

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