English teacher volunteer, Bang Pa In, Bangkok (1 month)

Bangkok, Thailand
30 Days
English, Thai

About the trip
A volunteer program give you a chance to spend your travelling time meaningfully. Not only travel to explore Thailand with Local people but also can create good positive impact to community as well. You will teach English to the children at the school located in Bang Pa In community. You can reach to the school by walking around 1-2 km. from your accommodation.
  • Teaching English in 3 schools
  • Free tour at rural area 1 time
  • You will be pick up from the Airport to Bang pa In community.
  • During one month, You will teach English to children in the community 3 hours a day and 3 days per week .
  • One day trip to teach the rural kids and enjoy the special local tour with meal.
  • Your accommodations will be Aircon bunked bed with shared bathroom.
  • You have to prepare lesson for children.
  • You will be teaching in primary school (7-12 year old )
  • Your accomodation will be 1-2 km. away from school.


Stay with Host Family
  • Airport round trip ( between 4 am - 9 pm )
  • Aircon bunk bed and shared bathroom
  • One welcome meal
  • Local guide at rural area trip
  • Supported contact person
  • Lunch at school when you have class
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  English education is the key communication of mankind.

Not only your time will be used for helping our kids but your income also support our partner nursery center too and our area is in Bangkok Tourist Hotspot.                                                   



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