Thai Massage in the Dark, Bangkok (1D)

Bangkok, Thailand
Half Day Tour
English, Thai

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This is a new massage place concept to Bangkok. This place provides employment for blind or visually impaired therapists, who demonstrate their unique talent for massage therapy as they are able to fully focus on their sense of touch in a way others cannot. Our dark interior design concept is inspired by the disability of the therapists, while still making you feel comfortable, serene and allowing you to sink into the deeper state of relaxation.
  • Relax your entire body with a massager who truly focus on their sense of touch
  • Reboot you energy and soul in a peaceful environment
  • Refresh yourself with a cup of herbal drink after finishing massage
  • Contribute to increase well-being of visually impaired or blind people as easy as massaging with them
Day One

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. This allows you the time to fill in the client intake form where you can help your blind therapist understand your concerns and your individual needs as well as other factors that may be contributing to your situation.

After that you will receive clothes to change and prepare for the service. Enjoy your one hour body massage with blind therapist. Once you finish massaging, you will change back your clothes and enjoy a cup of herbal drink.

** Please note that it is best to not eat for at least 45 minutes before your massage treatment.

Air Conditioning
Seated Toilet
Cell Signal
  • 1 hour body massage with the blind therapist
  • Changing clothes
  • Water and herbal drink
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Employment of Blind Therapists

All of masseuses and masseurs are blind or visually impaired who have massage skill. So you can ensure that you are not only get relax from the massage but also contribute to improve well-being of visualize problems people.


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