Once as a Gold Hunter, Narathiwat (2D1N)

Narathiwat, Thailand
2 Days 1 Night
English, Thai

About the trip
History & Culture
“Gold” is the main source of income for people in Ban Phukhaothong. In Esan (or Northeastern part of Thailand) would sell other stuff to buy gold as a saving means, the people in Ban Phukhaothong would do it otherwise as they would sell gold to buy other necessities because gold is plenty in the earth around this area. We invite you to joins us ‘Once as a Gold Hunter’ at Ban Phukhaothong, the village of gold!
  • Gold panning with ‘Liang’, the local tool used to find gold
  • Rafting on the river believed to be the source of gold
  • Try local cuisines
  • Sightsee the sea of morning mist here at one of this three southernmost provinces of Thailand
  • Visit the past gold delivery passage from the goldmine
  • This is a join tour minimum 4 persons for this tour, it may not run if there are not enough people registered
Day One
Meet at Narathiwat Airport before traveling in search for gold at Ban Phukhaothong. Lunch at Suan Kluai Restaurant.
Getting to know Ban Phukhaothong, the land of gold ores. The water sweeps gold from the mountain to the bottom of the village’s streams. Learn about the most important tool for gold extraction ‘Liang Ron Thong.’ Then, learn how to make a mini-sized one yourself. Laquer, paint and decorate the Liang as desire. Sail along the stream passing the locals extracting gold from the stream. Grab Liang and hunt for gold in the cold stream. Practice gold extraction with the locals. You can take home any gold you extracted as souvenirs from Ban Phukaothong.
Dinner with local dishes. Enjoy with Pin Pa Pleon, a performance from elderly local folk singers in the village. Free time.
Day Two
Wake up to fresh air and travel to scenic viewpoint of the sea of mist at the lowest end of Thailand at Phra That Phukahothong. Trek through the jungle to see the giant Tretameles and the view of the border of Thailand-Malaysia. Visit Toh Moh Gold mine and see the tunnel used to transport gold from the mine in the past. Breakfast at the homestay. Pack. Leave the village and journey safely home.
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