On Tai Community (2D1N)

Chiang Mai, Thailand
2 Days 1 Night
English, Thai

About the trip
History & Culture Local Wisdom Hands-on Workshop
Visit “On Tai, Ban Jum, Mueang Yen".
  • Experience local lifestyles at the sufficiency community in line with the late King Rama IX’s principle. Have organic food.
  • Enjoy the special herb-based menus “Kao Ho On Tai” and “Mieng Da Pla Ji,” which are the local healthy dishes under the “From Plant to Plate'' concept.
  • Learn about the local way of life, wisdom, and local identities through the workshop activities, including natural tie-dyeing, ceramic making, fish pattern painting as the local community’s signature on ceramicwares, and cooking from ingredients harvested from neighborhood plantations.

This fun two-day-one-night trip is suitable for organizations wanting to do activities that will allow them to experience the simple way of life, along with fresh air and nature, in the sufficiency and organic farming way of life. There is also the activity for “group relations” where different teams can enjoy base activities to gain as many scores as possible. Then, join the “Upcountry Upper Class” themed dinner to dine in the chef’s table style, with the local stories presented through signature menus from the community’s restaurant.

Wake up to the lovely morning. Join the homestay owner for alms-giving. Ride on a tour bus to go to Chiang Saen Temple. Do the CSR activity of planting golden shower trees at Nam Bo Ya Jam Pha Hear at the King Rama IX royal project. And, ride on a tour bus to visit local tourist attractions.



The price is 3,900 Baht/person.


For more information:

Tel. 0966985508, 0849147111

FACEBOOK Page: www.facebook.com/onaiciv

Line OA : https://lin.ee/SsnV1YR




  • The price is 3,900 Baht/person.
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