Making Mulberry Paper with local wisdom, Chiangmai

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Half Day Tour
English, Thai

About the trip
Hands-on Workshop
Baan Ton Pao is well known as a village of Mulberry paper according to the community keep making Mulberry paper with local wisdom which is inherited for more than 100 year. You will learn how to produce the Mulberry paper with local wisdom since the beginning then learn how to make a pattern and color on your handcraft Mulberry paper. After finish class you will have your own style handcraft paper back home !
  • Learn how to make Mulberry paper with local wisdom from villagers.
  • Get your own style Mulberry paper back home
Day One

Duration 3 hours 


You will start with the introduction story of village with the Mulberry paper handcraft.


During the workshop you will learn 


- How to make Mulberry paper with local wisdom process

- How to make a pattern on the Mulberry paper 

- How to color Mulberry paper product


At the end of your workshop you will definatly get your own style mulberry paper. It will be uniqueness !!! 

  • Material and equipment for workshop
  • a Mulberry paper made by yourself back home
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" Tourism is the way to preserve our folk wisdom "

Nowaday, There are less amount of family that still making Mulberry paper in the village according to the decreasing of demand in the market. To preserve it, I use tourism as a tool.  

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