Lost Treasure in ChiangMai

Chiang Mai, Thailand
1 Day
English, Thai

About the trip
History & Culture Local Wisdom Hands-on Workshop
About the Communities Puak Tam Community is situated around Puak Tam Temple. It is a community that produces tired umbrella, long-handed ceremonial umbrella, and brass ware. These crafts are decorative items made especially for religious services. Muen Sam Community has been recognized as the village of talented silversmiths from the old Lanna period for more than 2 centuries. Their unique unique skill of making silverware have been passed on generation till today. Nantaram Community the community of lacquer ware which established the Professional Lacquer ware Group with a mission to preserve their traditional wisdom and craftsmanship that has been inherited from their Tai Khern ancestor.
  • Make crafts to take home as souvenirs
  • Attending Lanna workshops
  • Enjoy homemade Northern Thai foods by locals
  • Spend you day just like what local friends in Chiang Mai do
Day One

8:45 am     Nice to meet you 

  • Let's meet up at Chiang Mai City Arts and cultural Center located behind Three Kings Monumen


9:00 am      Get starting!

  • Get to know Chiangmai better by visiting Chiangmai city Arts and cultural center


10:00 am      Kua Tong = Brassware 

  • Visit Puak team temple. Observe tiered umbrella production. Go visiting the house of an artisan producing long brass fingernails.


11:00 am        Kua Ngern = Silverware

  • Visit Muen Sarn Temple and its art gallery. Explore the community by foot to see lifestyles of the locals and see artisans making silverware in their house.


12:00 pm       Lunch Time 

  • Have lunch served with local dishes and cooked by the locals at Nantaram Temple

1:00 pm        Krueng Kern = Laquerware 

  • Visit the local artisan group " Professional Lacquerware Group of Nantaram " situated inside Nantaram Temple. Listen to stories about the community and how the group came about as well as their missions.


1:30 pm         Silverware Workshop

  • Learn how to produce basic lacquerware and try to make some by yourself. Don't forget to take your own proundly made handiwork home as a souvenir 


3:00 pm         Say goodbye for today

  • Leave the community
  • Delicious local lunch cooked by locals
  • Refreshing drinks and snacks
  • Activities as listed in the itinerary
  • Workshop: Lacquer ware Workshop
  • Community leader as your local guide
  • Local transportation: Chiang mai red cab
  • Support and translation staff from Local alike
  • " Survival guide " by Local Alike
  • Travel insurance
  • Exclude Pick up/ Drop off service
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