a day as a Change Maker, Khong Toei, Bangkok (1D)

Khlong Toei Community,Bangkok,Thailand
9.7 from 2 reviews
Having been stuck with negative labels for so long, Khlong Toei Community is associated with some certain words. However, Klong Toei is simply a community. Before exploring Klong Toei with Local Alike, keep your mind open to be able to perceive the community the way it really is.
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Anna Sophie Bigot ( 9.4 )

January 19, 2018 · Germany

The direct contact with the locals living in Khlong Toei, learning more about their daily lives and difficulties. I liked that your tour is giving the community a face.

Great opportunity to listen the personal stories of the people in Khlong Toei!

Monica Moras ( 10.0 )

January 19, 2018 · Brazil

I didn't know nothing about Khlong Toei before and I was positive surprised by how people have to "fight " everyday against so many things. Every single story, every single smile was so important for me, for making me understand how those people are strong and they just need more opportunities and help. Everything all guides told us was very important to see the history (numbers, attitudes, things to do, etc), but I've learned more listing people from the community and knowing better this histories, they are the "behind the numbers". Definitely my favorite tour ever in Thailand, because it was about real people. I love the tour, I really liked how we walked without rush, stopping to listen people. Storytelling is powerful and touching, so just keep telling short cuts about people from the community.

Nice community with lovely people

  • Local Guides
  • Local Alike staff
  • Local lunch and snack
  • Activities as listed in the itinerary
  • Travel insurance
  • Vat 7%
  • Make 'Puang Malai' or a Thai flower garland
  • Walk around the community
  • Explore their way of life
  • Enjoy local food
  • Visit carpentry business area
USD per guest
9.00 am. Meet at DuangPrateep Foundation 9.15 am. Receive a warm welcome and enjoy local herbal drinks. Get to know Local Alike and learn the story of Khlong Toei Community. 9.45 am. Explore the community to discover the lives of Khlong Toei people. Start with Block 4-5-6 and keep walking along the train tracks to a carpentry business area. Then, move to Block 1-2-3 and 70 Rai Community.
12.00 am. Enjoy local lunch. 1 pm. Learn how to make a Thai flower garland from Khlong Toei people. 2.30 pm. Relax and talk to local people. Please feel free to ask in this session. 3.00 pm. Say goodbye to Khlong Toei Community.

Tourism for social change!

Create sustainable tourism as a tool for community development and communicate community value to the public scale

Poverty Alleviation

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