Gastronomy and Nature Conservation

Buri Ram, Thailand
2 Days 1 Night
English, Thai

About the trip
History & Culture Local Wisdom Homestay & Farmstay
Ban Khok Mueang Community, Buriram Province, is an ancient community. Those who visit here will get to experience the impressive way of life, traditions, the people’s friendliness, and astonishing local wisdom reflected through various types of arts and handicrafts. The community is located in abundant land, with volcanic soil. Thus, the local farmers assembled to establish the group of farmers growing Hom Mali rice harvested from volcano soil. The rice here is uniquely delicious and fragrant unlike others. It is also the place of Khmer civilization, namely Muang Tam Stone Castle, and unique Pak Kood-patterned silk fabrics.
  • Ride a bike to explore the local lifestyle.
  • Join the Baray clay-fermented fabric making activity.
  • Enjoy a herbal foot soak and traditional massages before going to the accommodation.
  • Visit Muang Tam Stone Castle, the historical legacy.

This Gastronomy program is for tourists particularly interested in cuisine. Practice making tie-dye and Baray clay-fermented fabrics that can really be used later and given as souvenirs. There is also a program for a cycling tour around Muang Tam Stone Castle and the ancient Baray. Experience the local way of life at Ban Khok Mueang as a workout and for environmental conservation.


The 2-day-1-night trip at Ban Khok Mueang Community

Price: (3,990 Baht/4 people) (2,600 Baht/8 people) (2,400 Baht/10 people) (2,200 Baht/15 people)

(1,600 Baht/30 people)


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Tel. 080-2828239 (Papach)



  • Price: (3,990 Baht/4 people) (2,600 Baht/8 people) (2,400 Baht/10 people) (2,200 Baht/15 people) (1,600 Baht/30 people)
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