Living in Organic Permaculture Farm, Nan

Nan, Thailand
7 Days 6 Nights
English, Thai

About the trip
Volunteer Wellness Homestay & Farmstay
You will be living in Organic Permaculture Farm. A farm located in the mountains of northern Thailand. Founded in end of 2014, it is currently a food forest growing a wide variety of herbs, fruits and vegetables. As a volunteer, you'll receive a unique hands-on learning experience on a wide range of projects, such as: Planting trees, Harvesting, Food storage and preparation, cooking, community outreach, Permaculture and many more. Our purpose is to build and maintain a sustainable way of life. To achieve this, we are striving to become a leading permaculture demonstration and education center.
  • Permaculture Education
  • Stay in nature environment
  • Unique hand-on Learning experience
  • Learning sustainable way of life

Daily volunteers activity:


6am-7am        harvesting, prepare breakfast and activities (take turn)


7am-8am        breakfast 


8am-12pm       morning outdoor activities 


12pm-2pm       lunch and siesta 


2.30pm-5pm   afternoon activities


5pm                   dinner and rest 


Most of the activities are for your learning and experiences. Time table will be changed according to weather and situation, please be flexible to adapt. Normally on friday, We will go to Huay phan village for voluntering by teaching English for children in the village.


During your stay, You will have one day trip at Huay Phan village to experience the charming way of living and to learn how they live in peace with nature- land, stream, and forest through catching fish and crab activity in the Huay Phan stream.


How to go to the farm 


If you are in the Nan town you can take the red bus at the Nan Bus Station. From Nan to Thung Chang needs about 2 to 3 hours, 70km. These red buses travel every hour during daylight starting from ~6 am to 6 pm. 


If you are in the Nan Airport, you can walk  (1km) from the airport to the main road and wait for the red bus at the opposite side of the road (to north direction), this means you do not have to go into Nan town (south direction) again. For some flight which might arrive Nan airport quite late, you have to be fast to catch the last red bus (6 pm), otherwise, you might have to stay overnight in Nan town, and take the red bus on the next day. Please tell your transport driver to drop you at the Seven-Eleven shop in Thung Chang.


From Bangkok 

 About 10-12 hours by bus from Mochit Bus Station, 750km. In Mochit Bus Station, there are 3 bus companies that you can choose, which are 999 transport company, Sombatt tour company, and Chertchai tour company.  Sombatt tour and 999 transport company will stop in Bang Chak gas station in Thung Chang, we can pick you there. But for Cherchai company buses you have to inform the driver to drop you at the Seven-Eleven shop, or you can also stop at Cherchai company bus station. There are also domestic flights from "NOK AIR" and "AIR ASIA" available from Bangkok to Nan.


From Thung Chang to our farm 


Once you arrive Thung Chang, drop your self at the bus station or Seven-Eleven Store (you can take a seat at Pee Wan Dee Shop across the road) then Farm will have a car to pick you up.

  • Accommodation: Hut made from bamboo, mud or teak wood
  • Food ( 3 meal per day 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner )
  • water
  • We provide mosquito nets, mattress and blanket
  • Exclude the transportation to the farm. We can arrange the pick up/ drop off if needed.
  • bring your own bed sheets. If you prefer to sleep in a tent, there's plenty of good camping spots scattered around the farm.
  • volunteers are encouraged to contribute in cooking when they are available.
  • we generate electricity from solar panels. Please bring your own charger.
  • you need to bring your own towels, and tissue paper (if you need).
  • You need to bring Flashlight or headlamp.
  • volunteers are encouraged to bring Sensible clothing for gardening like long sleeve and long pants.
  • volunteers are encouraged to bring Notebook, writing utensils and Personal medicine.
  • volunteers are encouraged to bring Environmentally-friendly soap and shampoo.
  • Note: If you would like to adjust the day of your stay please contact us. It could be up to 30 days or less than 7 days.
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Our purpose is to build and maintain a sustainable way of life—one in which the well-being of our planet and all life that live upon it is of utmost importance. We want to heal the damages inflicted by our modern society of overconsumption, fossil fuel dependence and industrial agriculture. To achieve this, we are striving to become a leading permaculture demonstration and education center—a place where all walks of life can gain the knowledge necessary to change the world. 


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