Ban Tha Samphao Tai (1D)

Phatthalung, Thailand
1 Day
English, Thai

About the trip
Outdoor & Adventure History & Culture
Many may not have heard of the name Ban Tha Samphao Tai very often. However, if we mention the community’s local products, they may ring a bell. That is “Krajood” that everyone is familiar with. In another aspect, the community is also a natural tourist attraction integrated with the local way of life ผสมผสานวิถีชีวิต and culture of Phatthalung, making it the secondary city tourism that should not be missed.

Tell good things about this community trip, besides the fun, to the world and society as well.
  • The Sago Forest, the Sago making process, and safe agricultural food
  • Food and Sago Ton dessert,
  • Krajood woven crafts

This trip is for school & family outings with the activity to learn about the local way of life of Ban Tha Samphao Tai Community. For family outings, the activity is to learn more about Krajood woven crafts as the well known products of Phatthalung. Start learning from the origin of Krajood to how to dry and flatten Krajood in a local way. There is also an activity for simple Krajood weaving.


The one-day trip

Price: 1,500 Baht (accommodation included)


For more information:

โทร. 083-6527330 (Top)



  • Price: 1,500 Baht (accommodation included)
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