Baan Tawai Community (1D)

Chiang Mai, Thailand
1 Day
English, Thai

About the trip
History & Culture Local Wisdom
The trip to work on lacquered, gilded, and decorative glass artwork. The experience-oriented tour, with the Lanna-theme costume, to create artwork, visit Kruba Temple, and worship Ganesha.
  • Dress in the Lanna costume to follow in the footsteps of famous dramas “Klin-Kasalong” and “Muer-Dok-Rak-Baan".
  • Try wood carving, visit Kruba Temple, worship Ganesha, and join the ceremony to worship the gods for team unity at Baan Thip Manee Museum.
  • Have Lanna-Toke dinner and watch the hammer-chisel dance show “Dance along the Rice Field".

This is a one-day trip that is suitable for families wanting to have fun or students wanting to learn the local way of life. We will start off a fun day in the Lanna traditional costume for the entire day. Work on the artwork of gilded and lacquered wood carving and decorative glass in the Vihara of an ancient temple. Next is the wood carving community “Baan Tawai,” followed by decoration with patterned lines, gold, and glass in various steps. Then, hand out the work created by families/children, along with certificates. Shop for OTOP local products from model villages in Thailand. Sit back and drink coffee before departing for home.


Contact us via Baan Tawai Association,

Tel. 081-8824882

ID Line: visitcm




  • Rate: 1,999 Baht/person
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