Baan Chiang Be a Historian for a Day

Udon Thani, Thailand
1 Day
English, Thai

About the trip
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Tracing Black Clay of Baan Chiang Civilization. Ban chiang Archaeological Site, along with over ten thousand artifacts, is still fascinating every time we see it. That is because they are the country’s important historical evidence of the prehistoric era, with the origin dating back to over 5 thousand years ago. UNESCO registered the place as a site of the world’s historical heritage.
  • Black clay pottery and Indigo dyeing as part of Baan Chiang Civilization
  • Hand-painted pots and embroidery
  • Delicious Fried Galangal Rice from the 5,000-year-old local recipe

This is for the group of Homestay guests wanting to learn and explore the culture of ancient handicraft pottery passed on for over 5 thousand years. Even with limited time, fully join the activities and get some tokens from Baan Chiang as well.


The 1-day trip

Price: 999 Baht/person (10 people minimum)



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  • Price: 999 Baht/person (10 people minimum)
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