Amazing Stone, Baan Cheng Doi, Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai, Thailand
Half Day Tour
English, Thai

About the trip
Outdoor & Adventure Local Wisdom Hands-on Workshop
A small village surrounded by mountains, with sacred relics and large Buddha images (the largest in the North) enshrined on the top of the mountain. There is a mention of the legend of the Lanna story that is the visit of the left apostle of the Lord Buddha named Phra Mokalla. There are caves and rocky cliffs, which are the source of the wonderful dyed stone that is worth visiting. Study the way of life and the wisdom that maintains the value and identity of Lanna.
  • Visit caves and rocky cliffs
  • Experience Suay dok workshop (cone-shaped floral receptacle)
  • Learn how to make the cotton process from amazing stone
Day One


  • Pick up at the resident


  • Welcome drink with local snack
  • Make Suay dok (cone-shaped floral receptacle) from banana leaf for workship Mokkalan temple


  • Learn how to make the cotton process from amazing stone and do the workshop with them
  • Visit basketry group of elder in the village


  • Enjoy lunch with Khuntok style


  • Arrive at your resident
  • The located is the south of Chiang mai old town around 65 kilometers.
Guest Reviews
Lygia and Bianca
( 10.0 )

February 2020 · Brazil

It was amazing to visit the village and the whole experience was even better than expected! Everyone was so nice and welcoming. It was an amazing opportunity to get to know a bit of true Thai culture.

( 10.0 )

September 2019 · New Zealand

Our visit to the village has been the most wonderful experience. Ploy is a very helpful professional guide with her beautiful smile, friendliness, and easy-to-follow explanation. We were able to relax, enjoy and understand everything. The people in the village made us feel welcome and at home we felt very comfortable and had a lot of fun learning about their handcrafts. They taught us how to do some and let us have a go which was very kind of them! We would love to come back and visit again. Thank you Wayne+Hilary Phillips Wellington New Zealand

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