A Day as a Royal Chef, Kudeejeen, Bangkok (1D)

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Bangkok, Thailand
1 Day
English, Thai

P' Pin

Leader of the village

Tourism activities benefit both people and community.

About the trip
History & Culture Gastronomy Hands-on Workshop
Kudeejeen is a melting pot of 3 different religions (Buddhism, Christianity and Islam) and 4 different beliefs. In the past, the first settlers in the Kudeejeen Community were the Portuguese whose traits are seen in the culture, architecture and cuisine. Besides the community’s most famous ‘Kanom Farang Kudeejeen’ or a Portuguese cupcake, there is a Kudeejeen lady who inherits the recipe of Thai royal cuisine in the reign of King Rama V and Portuguese cuisine from her ancestors who is best at making savory Thai-Portuguese dishes and traditional Thai dessert. Here’s the chance to try those extremely rare dishes and even cook them yourself!
  • Take a boat ride along the Chao Phraya River
  • Walk around the community to see the diversity of culture
  • Visit the Santa Cruz Church
  • Try ‘Kanom Farang Kudeejeen’ or a Portuguese cupcake at the cupcake house
  • Enjoy Thai-Portuguese dishes
  • Become a royal chef and make Thai royal dessert
Day One

9:00 a.m. Meet at MRT Sanamchai, Exit 5.

9:15 a.m. Take a cross-river ferry to Wat Kalayanamitr.

09.45 am. Arrive at Kudeejeen. Meet Ms. Pin, a community leader who will take us around the
• Visit Kuan An Keng, a 200-year Chinese shrine.
• Admire the beauty of Santa Cruz Church, located in the middle of Kudeejeen.
• Visit the cupcake house to learn how ‘Kanom Farang Kudeejeen’ is made.

11.30 am. Enjoy Kudeejeen royal cuisine at Baan Sakun Tong (Ms. Tan’s house).
• Try Thai-Portuguese dishes.
• Learn how to make Thai royal dessert.

01.30 pm. Visit Kudeejeen Museum to learn the history of Kudeejeen. Then, walk to the
Chantanaparp Thai House, a traditional Thai House which is more than 100 years
now and listen to the story of the house from Auntie Daeng, the house owner.

03.00 pm. Say goodbye to Kudeejeen and travel back by boat to Sathorn Pier. 

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  • Activities as listed in the itinerary
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  • Local guide
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January 2018 · Taiwan

I saw a different possibility and beautiful things of Thailand.

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