Thai Country Living, Chiang Mai (2D1N)

Chiang Mai, Thailand
2 Days 1 Night
English, Thai

About the trip
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Nestled in a valley ringed by mountains on three sides and surrounded by orchards and rice fields, it is a tranquil, off-the-beaten-track country resort that harkens back to an earlier time. This is Thai country living in traditional northern Thailand. What is it like to live a simple, natural life in rural Thailand. This tour will take you into the heart of this lifestyle, from cooking sumptuous Thai meals, to riding to the market for ingredients, visiting a temple, and chatting with locals.
  • cooking class
  • Learning about the history of rice cultivation, the types, the equipment used in the past and the future needs.
  • Streaming Thai sticky rice.
  • The opportunity to collect herbs and vegetables from the garden and use these in your cooking class.
  • Visiting morning market by bicycle.
Day One

10:00 Am  Arrival at Khum Lanna to be greeted by our local Lanna people. A tasty welcome drink (herbal tea or fruit juice from the garden) will be served. We will give you a briefing and propose a choice of activities for you to decide how you want to spend the afternoon.


10:30 Am.  Khum Lanna’s concept is “Rice for Life”. You will be given an orientation of this concept and also learn about the history of rice cultivation, the types, the equipment used in the past and the future needs. Try your cooking skills out by steaming the Thai sticky rice and following this take a casual walk to the organic garden where we have a variety of products including the different rice harvesting stages. You will also have the opportunity to collect herbs and vegetables from the garden and use these in your cooking class.


11:00 Am.   You will receive a “Thai Recipe Book” that explains many delicious recipes, plus the herbs used and the health benefits of each. We will also give you descriptions of Thai words that will be helpful for your market visit the following day.

12:00 Pm.   Lunch will include a country style Barbeque, sticky rice that you prepared earlier, and all the scrumptious dishes to complement.


14:00 – 16:00: Choose one of the exciting following (approx. one-hour) activities:

  • A Guided biking tour around Khum Lanna country side.
  • Creative Fruit (or vegetable) carving
  • A local herbal steam bath to relax and rejuvenate your body.
  • A therapeutic Hot-pressed herbal massage (consisting of 8 kinds of herbs: ginger, zingier, lemongrass, plantain, tamarind leaves, soap pod, camphor and Aom Kiew).

16:30 Pm.  Thai Cooking class. then Dinner.

Day Two

05:30 Am.  Coffee/tea will be brought to your room for your wake-up call before we start our sunrise biking trip along the rural country road via San Kwang village to Phrao to visit an early morning local market where local coffee is available. With the help of your guide you may buy local cookies and flower garlands for the temple offering on the way back.


Then walk to visit a farmer’s rice and traditional tools shop, chat with the owner, and learn more about the rice legends and differences & properties of the varieties of rice. Your local escort will translate.

Cycles back to Khum Lanna with a stop to visit Wat Pa. Pay respect to the Buddha image under the sacred tree.


Continue biking to Khum Lanna along the local canal with a stop in the rice fields to get more information about the rice-growing process and the place of rice in Thai life.


Upon return, refreshment and a shower before a local Lanna-style breakfast set on the riverside.


10:00 Am.  Time to say goodbye.

  • Meal as listed in the itinerary ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner )
  • Accommodation in non air-conditioned room with electric fan based on half twin-bedded room.
  • Activities as listed in the itinerary
  • Assistance of English-speaking during visit and join-in activities
  • Your choice of one activity
  • The price is exclude transportation to resort
  • If you come 3 people. We will prepare an extra bed in the room. In case you need an extra room, Please contact us.
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