Over Night Trip To Enjoy With Elephants At Karen Village, Chiang Mai (2D1N)

Chiang Mai, Thailand
2 Days 1 Night
English, Thai

About the trip
Outdoor & Adventure Nature and Environmental Animal Care
You will enjoy beautiful scenery up on the Karen Village. Then start with a brief history of each elephants and the history of elephants with Karen Village, Enjoy learning how to make an elephant medicine ball. Experience the way of life between Karen village and Elephants. After a few time at the river, You will have a choice of what to do. - explore the village - Learn how to make Karen Jewelry - Learn Karen language - Sling shot training Then enjoy the peaceful night at Karen village.
  • History of elephants with Karen Village
  • Making an elephants medicine ball
  • Private Elephant interaction Taking to the river and Feed Medicine Balls
  • Activities of your choice
  • Dinner+Bonfire
  • Optional sunrise hike
  • Ethical Elephant tour Chiangmai
Day One

8:00 am.  - Pick up at your hotel ( We pick-up/drop-off anywhere in and around Chiang Mai city within a 20 minute radius. This includes the airport, Old City, Nimman, Night Bazaar, as well as surrounding locations )

                     Drive around 1.5 hours from the city through lucious jungle. On either side of the road you will see rices and corn field surrounded by untouched jungle on the mountain.


10:00 am.  - Arrive at Elephants Freedom Village. You will have a few minute to take in the view. Don't be afraid to ask for coffee and fresh friut.


10:15 am.   - Introduction Presentation. Start with history of elephants with Karen Village. Say hi with elephants and get to know each of them. Then change to Karen style outfit.


10:30 am.  - Elephants interaction and It's time to make a medicine ball.

11:30 am.  -Lunch time


12:30 am. -Taking Elephants to the river. It does invole a small bit of hiking but not too far. At the river, We will have elephants to lay down so we can scrub their skin.


15:30 pm. -Optional activities as the listed below.

  • Making Karen jewerly
  • Learning the Karen language 
  • Exploring village 
  • Slingshot training 

18:30 pm. -Dinner + Bonfire 


21:00 pm.- Retire to homestay

Day Two

6:00 am. - Optional sunrise hike


7:30 am. - Breakfast and coffee time


8:30 am. - Time to see the elephants again and learn how to do elephants health-check.


10:00 am.- Time to say goodbye 


12:00 pm.- Arriving in Chiang Mai 

  • Accommodation
  • 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner, 1 Breakfast
  • Drinking water and snack
  • Karen Cloth
  • Activity Fee As Mention In The Program
  • Travel Insurance
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Most of the elephants in Thailand are owned by Karen villagers and rented by tourist camps.

Karen villagers, in the past, didn’t really have a choice of which type of camp to put their elephants in because they were all the same.

We give those villagers the choice of pulling their elephants out of bad camps and placing them with us instead.

Surely, Elephants are being taken care of properly and can live more natural lifestyles.

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