Nikhom Phatthana Community (2D1N)

Lampang, Thailand
2 Days 1 Night
English, Thai

About the trip
Visit this great community, the way of life full with smiles, through arts, nature, and culture.
  • Visit Nong Lom - the Land of Naga.
  • Enjoy the famous Laab.
  • Children can learn and create art from natural materials.

The Nong Lom Legend Trip (Two-Day-One-Night)


Travel for full satisfaction and relaxation. Enjoy the local way of life. 

Start off the trip by following the local belief and paying homage to Nong Lom, the land of Naga, as the place of faith and the community’s spiritual anchor through the legend of Nikhom Phatthana Community. Then, join the Pang Tung cutting workshop to preserve and pass on the arts of paper cutting. Have lunch at "Green House Kitchen". After that, visit the old temple in Nikhom Phatthana District, namely "Wat Lampang Thammaram" and do the volunteer activity for the temple and community by cleaning the area around the temple. Later on, learn about the identity, arts, and culture with the community’s elders and sajes. In the temple, pray, pay homage, and meditate. Have dinner made by the community’s housewives.


Offer food to monks to start the new day at Wat Chaimongkol. Then, Visit the Sala house where pottery clay is made. Exchange knowledge on organic farming and social enterprise activities. Pay homage to the monks before heading home. Visit the teak wood pavilion in the middle of the water at Nikhom Samakkhi Temple.


Price of 1,990 Baht/person


For more information:

Uncle On, Tel. 063-8796659, 085-7171019



  • Price of 1,990 Baht/person
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