Sapphaya Tourism Community (2D1N)

Chai Nat, Thailand
2 Days 1 Night
English, Thai

About the trip
History & Culture Local Wisdom Nature and Environmental
Sapphaya is a small district connected to the Chao Phraya River in Chai Nat Province. The name might not be familiar for many people, for when talking about Chai Nat Province, many may think about Bird Park and Chao Phraya Dam first. Sapphaya is an old community that preserves the simple local way of life, drawing us to experience the lovely things in this community.
  • Visit the market community to pay respect to the venerable Luang Pu Ferng.
  • “Squeeze, strap, tie, tweak” and roll up your sleeves to tie-dye with natural dyes.
  • Join a workshop to learn how to craft water hyacinths to wicker wares.
  • Take a tram to see the riverbank community atmosphere and make soft rice crackers (Khao Kaeb On).
  • Enjoy tasty food and highlighted dishes at Green Market.

Experience the way of Sapphaya


This trip is right for university outings with the want to experience the way of life at Sapphaya Old Police Station Market Community more deeply throughout the 2 days and 1 night. Activities are designed for students or university students to have fun making DIY natural tie-dye clothes. There are also several learning activities in which you will get to learn, have fun, and try things out. To conclude, take a tram around the community to capture the moment and share on social networks. Have delicious food, with the selected highlights of Green Market.


The 2-day-1-night trip at Sapphaya Community

Price: 3,499 Baht/person (accommodation included)

Condition: Welcome 10 guests minimum


For more information:

Tel: 063-6295947, Chairman of Tourism Community Enterprise of Sappaya



  • The 2-day-1-night trip at Sapphaya Community
  • Price: 3,499 Baht/person (accommodation included)
  • Welcome 10 guests minimum
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