Ban Ja Kong Community (1D)

Sukhothai, Thailand
1 Day
English, Thai

About the trip
History & Culture Local Wisdom Hands-on Workshop
Becoming a Pro Farmer at Ban Ja Gong.

Remove your suit and leave your laptop to wear the community’s uniform, experience the farming plots like a farmer at Ban Ja Gong, a small village in Sukhothai Province, recognized for its expertise in integrated organic farming. Those who plan to do farming at their later stage in life or are interested in agriculture should really join this trip.
  • Carry a bag to test the sling ammunition and join the sling shooting activity (target shooting).
  • Transplant in the paddy field (farming-style) and play with mud.
  • Play with mud and enjoy the muddy slide.

Local revenue generation” and “nature conservation


This trip is suitable for those who are interested in Gastronomy or local cuisine and would like to have fun with farming.
This allows children to learn about the way of life of farmers and kids from other provinces, which is an experience that cannot be gained in the city. Carry a bag to test your shooting skill in the sling shooting activity. Then, continue with transplanting in the paddy field as the authentic farmers’ way of life. Get a bit dirty and enjoy the muddy slide. Let me tell you, families who join this trip will definitely enjoy the activities of Ban Ja Gong. 


The 1-day activity at Ban Ja Gong

Price: 1,000 Baht/person (accommodation excluded)


For more information:

Tel: 086-9177052, Ja Gong



  • The 1-Day Program (1 family or 5 people minimum and 6 families or 24 people maximum)
  • Price: 1,000 Baht/person (accommodation excluded)
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