Baan Pambok Community (1D)

Mae Hong Son, Thailand
1 Day
English, Thai

About the trip
History & Culture Local Wisdom Nature and Environmental
The fun trips with merit-making for your better fortune.

Make your way to the 360-degree mountain top view and be fulfilled with merit-making and at ease on Kho Kuu So Bamboo Bridge, in a joyful one-day trip.
  • Present food to monks on Kho Kuu So Bridge.
  • Gather wild vegetables on a sidecar.
  • Trek to the 360-degree Doi Thong viewpoint.

To kick off the fun activities, set off for the land of merits, namely Baan Pambok Community. Be fulfilled with merit-making by presenting food to monks on Kho Kuu So Bamboo Bridge. As you get hungry, ride on a sidecar to collect wild vegetables in the local plots and help the local housewives cook dishes. Once fully satiated, set off for another journey by 4-wheel car, from Baan Pambok to the trail to Doi Thong. Make your own Pumpeng broom from Pumpeng leaves from the local trees. Relax at Phaem Bok Waterfall, the famous waterfall of Pai and part ways.


Price at 999 Baht/person

(5 people minimum)



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Tel. 089-2618986

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  • Price at 999 Baht/person (5 people minimum)
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