Wangkrod Old Quarter (1D)

Phichit, Thailand
1 Day
English, Thai

About the trip
History & Culture
Wangkrod Old Quarter, Charm of Old Times, and Legendary Impression

Build the impression, with charm of old times.
  • Visit Wangkrod Old Market.
  • Trace the past in the house of Luang Prathueang Khadi.
  • Take a sip of healthy Indian Putat tea.

This one-day trip will enable you to learn about the community’s culture. The trip is suitable for company employees who would like to join activities with friends. Get to visit the biggest Indian Putat forest in Thailand and see the old wooden house of unique architecture. Learn about the local lifestyle and the community’s history at the house of Luang Prathueang Khadi. learn how to roast tea leaves, make tea, and take a sip of Indian Putat tea. Pay respect to the venerable father Lue, the sacred monk of Wangkrod Old Quarter. Visit Sornthong boat, the legendary boat with the national level of bet.


The price starts at 450 Baht per person.



For advance reservations:

Klomluck, Tel. 089-8568945



  • The price starts at 450 Baht per person.
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