Wat Srisuphan Community University Outing (2D1N)

Chiang Mai, Thailand
2 Days 1 Night
English, Thai

About the trip
History & Culture
‘Wat Srisuphan Community’ of Chiang Mai, with the World’s First Silver Chapel and the 100-year Silverware Legacy!!

Many who have been to Chiang Mai may have heard of the ‘silver chapel’, right? Since it is considered an unseen scene for Chiang Mai, it is a must-visit place. However, on this trip, we will get to know the backstory behind the beauty of this ‘silver chapel’ as the first in the world. It is “Wat Srisuphan Community,” the community of silverware as the local intellectual property, with a long histo
  • Visit Wangkrod Old Market.
  • Trace the past in the house of Luang Prathueang Khadi.
  • Take a sip of healthy Indian Putat tea.

University Outing Program: Silver Temple (two-day-one-night)

  1. Find out about the history of Wat Srisuphan Community.
  2. Pay homage to Ganesha. Culture learning topics are handed out.
  3. Join the rally to visit Wat Srisuphan Community, the silverware community, with "the world’s first silver chapel," where women are not allowed to enter.
  4. DRESS CODE: Beautiful local costume *rental services available
  5. Visit the Art Gallery and Silver Museum - Japanese Military History Museum.
  6. Travel by the unique tram to Nantaram Temple.
  7. Visit Lanna Lacquerware Community

“See the renowned silver chapel, exquisite silverware, strong community enterprise, the Sala Sip Moo Lanna Education Center, and consecrated Ganesha.” Preserve arts and culture, local wisdom, and Wua Lai silverware handicrafts further.

The activity duration of 1 day at Wat Srisuphan Community


Price: 1,999 Baht/person (accommodation excluded)


For advance reservations, call Wat Srisuphan Community

Tel. 089-8554802, 089-4322495, or 092-7951462



  • The activity duration of 1 day at Wat Srisuphan Community
  • Price: 1,999 Baht/person (accommodation excluded)
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