Baan Mung Nuea (1D1N)

Phitsanulok, Thailand
1 Day 1 Night
English, Thai

About the trip
History & Culture Homestay & Farmstay
Stay Overnight with the Bats and Count Starts Amongst the Mountains, with the Story of Baan Mung Nuea!!

“A few-hundred-Baht trip for the view worth a million Baht” is not an exaggeration here. Seeing just the mountain range view already makes it worthwhile, with the fresh air and the spectacular view as well as the colony of bats flying back to their cave. Sit back and count the stars amid the valleys, making this an incomparable experience. We would like to encourage you to join with your friends because ‘trip locations’ matter as much as ‘companions’ . . travel while you and your friends still can!


Who is right for this trip

No trips can be as fun and exciting as those with your friends, right? That is because, with each trip, there will be stories for you to think back on tirelessly. At Mung Nuea, there are many fun activities designed for you and your friends to enjoy together, strengthening your relationships and bond. As for university students who are stressed during the study and exam period, come relax at “Baan Mung Nuea,” changing ‘virtual trips’ into ‘actual ones’. Go out of the classroom and invite your friends on a trip. Listen to the sound of nature… through the story of valleys and million bats. Create a cool community tourism experience.


1-day-1-night trip at Mung Nuea

Price: 1,690 Baht/person (the minimum of 4 – 10 persons)



For advance reservations: Go Bun, Tel. 084-7240185



  • Price: 1,690 Baht/person (the minimum of 4 – 10 persons)
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