Village in the Valley, Mae Kampong, Chiang Mai (2D1N)

9.5 from 7 reviews
Chiang Mai, Thailand
2 Days 1 Night
English, Thai

Por Luang Prommin

Headman of the village

CBT creates a wide range of opportunities, improves the standard of living and reminds us how valuable of our natural resources are.

About the trip
History & Culture Gastronomy Local Wisdom
Mae Kampong: Village in the Valley, Slow Down Or You Miss Roasted Coffee and Fermented Tea! Mae Kampong Village is only 1 hour away from Chiang Mai. The weather is so great all year round as the village is surrounded by mountains. Here, you don’t have to rush. Just relax and appreciate a simple way of living just like people here do!
  • Get max of relaxation with slow life way of living and charge your energy in fresh-air ambiance
  • Try coffee and tea products from the village
  • Learn about growing coffee and tea under shade trees (shade-grown coffee and tea)
  • Get to know about benefits of tea and taste some fermented tea leaves (Miang), a local northern Thai snack
  • Explore nature by trekking along the natural trail of the community forest
  • Visit Mae Kampong Waterfall
  • Learn how to speak simple Northern Thai Dialect
  • Taste local food cooked by your host
Day One
Day 1 (2:00 – 8:30 pm.) Afternoon Love at the First Sight Arrive at the Mae Kampong Village. Get to know your host, unpack your backpack and enjoy your leisure time at your leisure time. 
 Try and Taste Explore the village on foot. Visit coffee and tea plantation nestled amongst placid valleys and lush green forests, owned by the locals. Coffee and tea are organically and shad grown (chemical free) here. Then take a little trek into the community forest to see a spring of the village’s stream. Get to know the natural water supply system of the village which provides year-round water to the villagers. Bird’s Eye View Café Drop by a coffee shop named “Chom Nok Chom Mai”, one of the most popular coffee shops in Chiang Mai province. From the location, you can see magnificent panoramic view of the whole village. (Water)fall in Love Take a little hike up to Mae Kampong Waterfall. Feel the natural beauty of cool flowing water and natural water sound. Take a deep breath for the fresh air, in and out, and relax. “Miang” – Chew the Sweet and Sour Visit a villager’s house and try “Miang”, fermented tea leaves as a local snack of the northern Thais. Participate in a handicraft workshop “Tea Leaf Pillows”. Create your own memorable souvenir by stuffing dry tea leaves into a small pillow and finishing it with some little decorative items.
Evening Glad to Have You Here with Us Take part in the “Bai Sri Soo Kwan”, a welcoming ceremony in the traditional Lanna (Northern-Thai) style. Before attending the event, according to the tradition, you should take a shower first (need to make your body clean). The leader of the ceremony who had been in the monkhood for many years will give a welcoming speech and blessings to you with Lanna poetic expressions.
Day Two
Day 2 (7:00 – 2:00 pm.) Morning Good Deeds Made Easy Good Morning! Do morning exercises with your host. Go to the village’s temple named “Kanta Pruksa” to give food offerings to the monks, a way of making merit in Buddhist society. In 1981, the Thailand’s former King Bhumibol visited Mae Kampong for extending his Royal Development Projects. Before leaving the temple, listen interesting stories about history of the village from a monk and have a small talk with him. Breakfast Time Have yummy breakfast and freshen up yourself a bit more with morning coffee. Lay Me Down Have a traditional Thai massage given by a highly experienced and professional masseur, who was trained and supported by the Village’s Women’s Group. Time to say good bye Say good bye to your hosts and the village in the valley! Have a safe trip back to the town and see you again. Hope this travelling has created positive impacts and memories to you.
Stay with Host Family
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Electricity 24/7
Heated Water
Seated Toilet
Cell Signal
  • 2 Meals ( 1Dinner, 1 Breakfast)
  • Basic homestay accommodation prepared by your local host
  • Local guides
  • Service and facilitate by Local alike
  • First aids
  • Travel insurance
  • Activity fees as mentioned in the program
Guest Reviews
Ms Elsa Ateba
( 8.8 )

July 2019 · Netherlands

I liked the tour with the waterfall the most

Nice and authentic day with an amazing guide!

Mr Garagate Sadavut
( 9.9 )

July 2019 · Thailand

Richard Brown
( 10.0 )

May 2019 · United States

Amazing trekking!

Chayuth Lothuwachai
( 9.4 )

May 2019 · Thailand

Nice place and warm welcome from local people. I'll visit again for sure . . .

Live with local people

( 10.0 )

March 2019 · Thailand

It was great walking through the village. I'd recommend this trip for people who love peace and just relax in nature.

Mrs Beatriz Borlan Moran
( 10.0 )

March 2018 · Spain

The village is beautiful and the cafe and waterfall were great. Ana is a great guide and speaks very good English so she could tell us many stories and interesting facts. Our trip curator Bic called us every day to make sure that everything was ok.

Calm village with stunning views

Ms Maia Adar
( 8.4 )

January 2018 · United States

Beautiful forest and kind people

We loved walking in the jungle, seeing the temple, and getting a massage. It was an incredible experience to do this instead of just doing one of the tours that all the tourists do. It was fun to go without an English guide and try to communicate without sharing language.

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