Path Through A Forest, Baan Suan Pa, Chiang Rai (1D)

9.9 from 2 reviews
Chiang Rai, Thailand
1 Day
English, Thai

P' Archai

Leader of the village

Amazing that we have better waste management instead of over waste after we bought CBT into our community.

About the trip
Outdoor & Adventure Gastronomy Local Wisdom
Keep Eyes and Mind Wide Open and Let’s Explore Nature Trail at Baan Suan Pa. Suan Pa is one of the villages in the hills of Doi Tung. The Akha, a hill tribe, live here. Most work in the farm or work for the the Doi Tung Development Project. Decades ago, the area was completely left empty, but not anymore after the Royal Grandmother or our beloved ‘Somdet Ya’ pledged to turn the useless land into an abundant forest. And here it is! Today, Suan Pa has 3 different nature trails. They are trails for you but home for the Akha. Are you ready? They are ready to welcome you to their home!
  • Natural trail and gathering foods in the jungle
  • Try fresh fruits from orchard
  • Cook and picnic by the waterfall
Day One

10:00 am
Meet at Mae Fah Luang market.

10:30 am Passion fruits, Vanilla, Coffee, Tea
Arrived at Suan Pa Community. The locals will welcome you with a big big smile and give you advices before the adventure!!

11:00 am

On the trail, you will see the orchards and industrial crops plantation, mostly coffee and passion fruits intercropped with vanilla. Also, you can try fresh fruits and herbs which have been used as medicine among local people.

1:30 pm How do we cook in a jungle?
Experience to cook “Lam-pla” and have it for lunch by the waterfall.
But what is it? Secret! Let’s see and cook it yourself!


3:00 pm Say goodbye to Suan Pa community. 
Take your time on the way back at The Cottage Industries Centre and Outlet of the Doi Tung Development Project where we can see handicrafts. 

(On weedends, you will be redirected to travel at Mae Fah Luang Garden instead.)

4:30 pm Travel back safely. 

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Parking on Premise
  • Meals as listed in the itinerary ( 1 lunch )
  • Activities as listed in the itinerary
  • Local Guide
  • First aids
  • Travel insurance
  • VAT 7%
Guest Reviews
Adam Scott
( 10.0 )

June 2019 · United States

Get to know how locals live their life and what is the real community based tourism pass through P' Archai. I really appreciate and respect everything he did to his community.

( 9.7 )

April 2018 · Taiwan

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Waste Management

Local Alike spearheaded the waste management program to educate locals and give them solutions to manage trash surrounding their area.

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