A Savor of Old Town, Sao Ching Cha, Bangkok (Join Tour)

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Bangkok, Thailand
Half Day Tour
English, Thai

About the trip
History & Culture Gastronomy
Sao Ching Cha, the famous Giant Swing, is one of the symbols of Bangkok located in the center of old town, Rattanakosin Island. This area is considered as a hub of prosperity, religions, and cultures. Along the route, you will visit different areas of the old town, such as Baan Mawaan, Sam Phraeng Neighbor, and Gingerbread House, as well as learn the locals' ways of life and culture.
  • Hop on Tuk Tuk, a local transportation.
  • Learn about Thai traditional medicines.
  • Experience Thai local food and special recipes.
  • Walk around the old town area of Bangkok.
  • Taste Thai traditional desserts and relax at Gingerbread House.
Day One


  • Meet your guide at National Stadium BTS Station, Exit 2.


  • Hop on the well-known public transportation, Tuk Tuk, to Sao Ching Cha, one of the city’s symbols located at the center of Bangkok.


  • Visit Bamrungchat Satsana Yathai or Baan Mowaan, a Thai Apothecary Shop offering Thai traditional medicines and drugs that have been created and recreated for over four generations in the family.


  • Explore the local morning market named Talad Trok Mor.  This market is like a large supermarket where you can find everything here, such as fresh meats, vegetables, seafood, clothes, accessories, and ready-to-eat food stalls.  Enjoy snacks and drinks along the walk.


  • Stop for a quick brunch at Kao Moo Dang Sanam Luang, a food stall hidden in a narrow street.  Try Kao Moo Dang (Roasted Red Pork with Rice), the signature menu that its secret recipe has been passed on for over 50 years. 


  • Taste an original Chinese tea at Ong Eiw Gi, an old Chinese tea shop.  The owner was Hokkien who migrated from China and started this business here in Bangkok – considered as the pioneer in Chinese tea shop in Thailand.


  • Arrive at Poj Spa Kar Restaurant (Cook Somdej), an old Thai cuisine restaurant that serves royal recipes created by a former chef in the royal palace.


  • Walk around Sam Phraeng Neighbor, a historical area in Bangkok.  Admire beautiful old architectures and try local snacks along the route.


  • Enjoy Thai traditional desserts at Gingerbread House, a Thai-Western style house that was built in Gingerbread house architecture.  Relax on your leisure before travel back.


  • Travel by a taxi back to National Stadium BTS Station safely.

  • Foods and drinks as listed in the itinerary
  • Transportation as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Activities as listed in the itinerary
  • Tour guide
  • Travel insurance
  • VAT 7%
  • Recommend to stay in the old town area as it is more convenient to travel around, close to different attractions, and easy to find places to eat.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes such as sneakers.
  • Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, hat and umbrella.
  • Avoid bringing valuable items on the trip.
  • Follow the community leader’s advice during the trip.
  • Subject is to be changed. If any problems occur, Local Alike will replace outdoor activities with indoor activities to provide everyone with the best authentic and meaningful experience.
  • Free Local Alike water bottle limited edition
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October 2019 · United States

I've been before the place of very Thai traditional food. I too enjoy the activity like local people.

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