Black Durian of Chantaburi, Thailand

Chanthaburi, Thailand
1 Day
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Chantaburi is the haven for Thailand’s tropical fruits. Ban Pathavee alone has about 20 different kinds of durians. From the old-school Krajib, Nuan Thong and Puang Manee to more commercialized Chanee, Mon Thong and Kan Yao. This is a place where one can learn and taste different kinds of durian, of course. This is not your everyday durian, but the rare and much-coveted ‘black durian’ that fruit orchardists usually keep for themselves and exclusively share with their loved ones.
  • Visit Ban Pathavee Organic Orchards
  • Taste different kinds of durian and fruits
Day One
Black durians – the ones that we usually do not pick because it actually looks rotten – are in fact the most delicious of them all. For a family of orchardists, black durians are like a gift. A secret gift that they give to themselves for the hard works they have endured during the entire season.
Black durian is the durians that are attacked by mealy bugs and ants. The bugs feed on the fruit’s natural nectar, but in an organic orchard just like this one we visited in Chantaburi, the natural mechanism had its way to effectively treat the bug, hence fortified the black durians, making them more intense in flavours, hence much more delicious than other ordinary and beautiful durians we usually see in the market.
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