Once as a Princess, Sing Buri (1D)

Buri District,Sing Buri ,Thailand
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  • Meals as listed in the itinerary ( Lunch 1)
  • Transportation as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Activities as listed in the itinerary
  • Tour guide
  • Local guide
  • Travel insurance
  • VAT 7%
  • Bike around to explore and experience the community
  • Make bird-shaped dumplings
  • Learn the great history of Bang Rachan heroes
  • Visit the Monument of Bang Rachan Heroes and Bang Rachan Memorial Park
  • This is a join tour minimum 4 persons for this tour, it may not run if there are not enough people registered
USD per guest
Put on Ayutthaya period clothes and meet at MRT Chatuchak Station, Exit 4. Travel to Sing Buri Province, a city with long and distinguish history, and whose greatness lies in the Battle of Bang Rachan. Arrive in Thong En community, In Buri District, Sing Buri Province. Bike around to explore and experience the community. Bike to Pa Ya’s lotus farm to collect lotuses and learn how to fold lotus petals. Bike to offer the lotus flowers to Luang Phor Yai whose eyes are the community’s emeralds. Make bird-shaped dumplings, a rare Thai dessert hard to find nowadays. Visit Kru Pranom’s house. Make the local Pomelo Salad. Lunch.
Leave the community and travel to Khai Bang Rachan District. Travel back in time to Ayutthaya period and learn the great history of Bang Rachan heroes. Arrive in Khai Bang Rachan District. Visit the Monument of Bang Rachan Heroes and Bang Rachan Memorial Park, an arboretum of over 115 rai with the Monument of Bang Rachan Heroes, which are bronze statues of 11 Bang Rachan leaders, standing in the middle of the garden. There is also the Centre for the Historical Studies of Bang Rachan Heroes where events and exhibitions of Khai Bang Rachan and the city Sing Buri are normally held. Cross the street to Ban Rachan Old-style Market, recreate a market in the time of Bang Rachan heroes with a sense of battlefield. Products and dishes sold here are locals for the tourist to taste, participate in various festivals, or to stroll around and enjoy the market. Meet at the performance area to see the historical performance and folk games.
Travel back to Bangkok. Arrive safely in Bangkok.

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