Once as a Designer, Sakon Nakhon (2D1N)

Ban Nong San,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand
‘Once as a Designer’ will bring you to journey through the ‘Kram’ route in Sakon Nakhon province. What’s Kram? Thai word ‘Kram’ is one shade of blue named ‘indigo’ created from the natural tye-dye process. Grab the once-in-a-lifetime experience to blend in yourself as one of the Kram local designer. Learn how to create the indigo fabric starting from harvest Kram to weave fabric and create your own pattern just like the local designer do! However, you will not only do Kram dying but you will also try Moon Kwai dying or Buffalo excrement dye too!
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  • Meals as listed in the itinerary (Breakfast 1 / Lunch 2 / Dinner 1)
  • Transportation as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Accommodations as listed in the itinerary
  • Activities as listed in the itinerary
  • Tour guide
  • Local guide
  • Travel insurance
  • VAT 7%
  • Learn how indigo fabric is made
  • Try local Isan dishes
  • Participate in Bai Sri Soo Kwan ceremony
  • Learn how buffalo excrement fabric is made
  • Enjoy Kwai Not performance
  • Visit Koh Kway (Buffalo Island)
  • Design your own unique Tee
  • This is a join tour minimum 4 persons for this tour, it may not run if there are not enough people registered
USD per guest
Meet at Sakon Nakhon Airport. Experience the cliffs, mountains, fields, forest and indigo dye at Ban Nong San, Thailand’s famous indigo plantation. Hop onto the farm truck, a local vehicle taking you to Pa Aoi and her family who lives in a hut in the middle of the fields at ‘Somanat Farm’, a sufficiency economy farm. Lunch with local Isan dishes.
Now you’re in the indigo town, don’t miss the chance to learn how indigo fabric is made. To harvest indigo, you have to harvest early in the morning before first light of dawn to get the brightest indigo blue. Put on the indigo pot, put the indigo in the bucket, fill in the ash water. Scoop up the water in the bucket and pour it in again. Repeat to mix the indigo well. Ew-Deed Fai. Cottons are grown here. After collecting the cottons, the villagers will Ew Fai or separate the seeds from the cotton by inserting it into a machine, then Dee Fai or fluff the cotton until it’s fluffy. After learning how to indigo die, now it’s time to be a designer and create patterns on t-shirt and then indigo dye it yourself.
In the soft evening light, walk through the village amongst the fields and enjoy the atmosphere. In the evening the villagers will gather for Bai Sri ceremony, a welcoming ceremony to wish the guests good fortune. Dine with the locals. The famous dish of Nong San is sticky rice and bamboo shoots. Travel back to lodging. Free time.
Wake up to fresh air. Breakfast with local dishes. Pack and travel to Ban Na Cheuk village, a community of Moon Kwai dying or Buffalo excrement dye. Arrive at Ban Na Ceuk to be greeted with bright smiles from the local men and women. Learn the Ban Na Cheul lifestyle and its close connections to buffalos. Hop on the farmer’s truck. Walk along the dam and see the beauty of Koh Kway (Buffalo Island) while listening to the story of the village’s close connection to buffalo and buffalo excrement fabric dying. See Kwai Not performance, an Isan style dance with children wearing buffalo headdress showing how the farmers tend to their buffalos. Lunch with special Pa Laeng meal at Ban Na Cheuk’s activity court.
After listening the village lifestyles and its connection to buffalos, learn and see the demonstration on Moon Kwai or buffalo excrement dying technique. The resulted colour is greenish grey with brown hue. Design unique shirt and showcase your work. Bid farewell to the village and the buffalos with bright smiles. Travel to Sakon Nakhon Airport. Journey safely home.

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