Once as a Mud Man, Nakhon Si Thammarat (2D1N)

Ban Laem,Nakhon Si Thammarat ,Thailand
Ban Laem is a small community in Tha Sala District. A stunning nature landscape will be a first sight when you stepped into community combination with pure mud over the beach and ways of life that try to contribute to improve natural resources in the sea and conserve mangrove forest. It would be a great motivation of tourists who want to be a mud man once in a life time.
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  • Transportation during the trip
  • Activities are indicated on the program
  • Accommodation (1 Night)
  • Meals are indicated on the program (1 Breakfast, 2 Lunch, 1 Dinner)
  • English Speaking Guide and Local Guide
  • Travel insurance
  • VAT 7%
  • Visit Phra That Muang Nakhorn Temple
  • Ride local vehicles to explore the community
  • Cook dinner with locals
  • Taste fresh seafood and local menus
  • Boat to golden bay estuary in the morning
  • Coffeeing with the sunrise and breakfast on boat
  • Try to make “Kanom Pha-da” a local famous snack
  • This is a join tour minimum 4 persons for this tour, it may not run if there are not enough people registered
USD per guest
Meet at Nakhong Si Thammarat Airport. Travel to Ban Laem, land of the fertile mud rich with minerals and fresh air from mangrove forest. Visit Wat Phra Mahatat, the sacred site that has long been with Nakhon people. Lunch at Kanom Chin Meung Khon.
Travel to Baan Laem, a Muslim community as close to mangrove forest as a friend can be. Arrive at the community. Sip on chilled coconut juice while getting to know Bung and Ga and listening to the history of the community. Enjoy traveling via sidecar and experience Ban Laem lifestyle: • Visit the pink mosque • Learn how to make curry paste, pound the spice yourself and cook them for dinner
Cook dinner with the local ladies. Our special dish is Kaeng Som from the curry paste made earlier. Dinner with seafood and southern dishes with Khao Mun Talae See Klone, mud-color fried rice that can only be found here.
Sailing to Golden Bay estuary, experience fisherman’s mourning routine: • Stop at the middle of the sea and enjoy sunrise on the sea’s horizon • Enjoy sunrise while sipping coffee. Breakfast on the boat: rice with curry, spicy rice salad and sticky rice with Thai custard • Sail to collect mangrove leaves to be fried and dipped in Ban Laem’s seafood sauce • Transform to a mud man. Jump into the water and grab mud from the bottom of the bay to mask yourself for softer skin • Plant mangrove sapling to create the ecological balance at Golden Bay estuary Sail back to shore. Take a shower. Free time. Fry the freshly collected mangrove leaves for lunch.
Cook Kanom Pada, the local famous dessert. Shop for souvenirs. Bid farewell to Bung and Gag. Journey safely home.

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