One day DIY Championship, Kaohsiung

Do you like the warmth of handmade crafts? Do you want to become the champion of the first DIY cup championship? Join us on Farmer for a day tours! First, we will head to Irisshome (Guoranhong Natural Classroom) and be inspired by guided tours on local installation art. Round 1 of the championship starts with rice stem coaster DIY. Who will be the one to make the perfect coaster in the field classroom? At noon, we will enter the Siaolin Taivoan community and have an aboriginal tribal meal for lunch. Before round 2, we will warm up with the tribal story tour around the community. The challenge for round 2 is Taivoan cross stitch DIY, which is a delicate traditional aboriginal craft that tests the participants’ eyes and patience. Who will win the championship of this interesting game?
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  • One Meal (1 Lunch)
  • Local guides
  • First aids
  • Travel insurance
  • Activity fees as mentioned in the program
  • Experience how to make a rice stemcoaster
  • Challenge yourself to make a cross stitch
USD per guest
Meet at THSR Zuoying Station (Rainbow Market) at 8:30 a.m. Irisshome (Guoranhong Natural Classroom) installation art inspiration. Round 1: Rice stem coaster DIY Enter Siaolin Taivoan community and feast on the aboriginal tribal meal.
Go on a tribal story guided tour to seek for the culture and history. Round 2: Taivoan cross stitch DIY DIY Championship awards ceremony. Tour will end at about 4:30 p.m.

Supports the local community

You can be a person who supports the local community very easy just by traveling with us.

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