Humanities Tour to Bring You Close to Nature, Kaohsiung

Does Kaohsiung still have some secret locations? Have you seen the organization that has the most endurance, Baolai Humanities Association? Do you know that there is a Swan Castle hidden in Kaohsiung? Follow us! In the morning we will go straight to the only community that has won the National Sustainable Development Awards with its craftsmanship. We will have a chance to make our own kiln-baked bread there. For lunch, we will be having stove-cooked lunch set. The afternoon plans for a tour of the Swan Castle in Cishan, which is a caring institution for the elderly. At the castle, we will DIY mosquito repellent with herbs grown in its gardens.
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  • One Meal (1 Lunch)
  • Local guides
  • First aids
  • Travel insurance
  • Activity fees as mentioned in the program
  • Visit the only one community that won National Sustainable Development Awards in Taiwan
  • Bake your handmade bread
  • Enjoy the Taiwanese cuisine
USD per guest
Meet at THSR Zuoying Station (Rainbow Market) at 8:30 a.m. Explore the community characterized by craftsmanship: Baolai Humanities Association. Knead and bake your own kiln-baked bread.
Bon appetite! Feast on brick stove-cooked lunch set. Experience a different charity: Children Are Us Swan Castle in Cishan. Mosquitos beware! DIY mosquito repellent. Tour will end at about 4:30 p.m.

Empowering local people

Baolai Humanities Association and Swan Castle in Cishan are located in the mountain area in Kaohsiung. Both of them put a lot of efforts in management. When visitors come here, they can find out their passion and centripetal force to their community. It is the best expression of showing Kaohsiung spirit.

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