The Ancient Village of Dong Ngac: full-day tour

Hanoi, Vietnam
1 Day
English, Thai

About the trip
History & Culture Children Friendly
Urbanization hasn't touched the ancient town of Dong Ngac located about 10 km from Hanoi. This quaint, beautiful village retains old architectural designs and brings history to life. Stepping into the village will feel like stepping into a different time. You will walk on brick roads and see old buildings, among which the oldest is the village’s communal house bearing typical and unique architectural traits from Le Dynasty. In Dong Ngac village, each banyan tree, each boat port, each tile on the road has their own story. The charm of this village is not only on its architecture but the warmth and friendliness of the locals as well. If you’re a nostalgic soul who seeks for long lost stories to reminiscence, then this is the place for you.
  • Visit local market
  • Interactive cooking demo
  • Lunch with local host
  • Relaxing in a courtyard of an ancient house
  • Bike around vegetable and flower gardens
  • Join farming activities
  • Visit a tofu making local family
Day One
8:00 am Pick-up and leave Hanoi. 8:30 am Arrive at the village. Get your bicycle, then cycle your way to the local market where your guide will help you explore the market and the local products sold. 9:30 am Cycle your way into the village Explore the village and visit the Communal House whose architectural design is shaped like a dragon, then see the oldest school in the village built in 1921. 10:30 am Go to the hosting family for an interactive cooking demo, you will get a chance to experience cooking a local dish yourself and have it for lunch! After your delicious lunch, you can then enjoy the host family’s garden and lounge on a reclining chair.
13:00 pm Hop on back to the van and travel to Lien Mac flower village. 13:30 pm Visit a local family and take your bicycle again to explore the village of Lien Mac thriving on flower and vegetable farming. - Interact with locals and you can even experience farming activities - Stop by a tofu family to learn how they make tofu and try a fresh product 16:00 pm Travel back to Hanoi. 16:30 pm Arrive Hanoi. End of tour.
Electricity 24/7
Seated Toilet
Cell Signal
Wheelchair Accessible
  • Tickets
  • Entrance
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Lunch with host family and demo cooking class
  • A bottle of water
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Support local families

In this tour, you will get a chance to see a preserved ancient village, interact with locals and supplement their income through your visit.

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