Organic Food & Tea for Healthy Life, Chiang Rai (1D)

Sawanbondin,Chiang Rai,Thailand

Clear your mind and get ready to indulge yourself with a heavenly tea experience. Here at Sawanbondin Farm and Homestay, you will be brought into the heaven of tea where you will be amazed with all simple tea ingredients that work like a charm! Join us, enjoy the art of tea and return home with your own recipe!

  • Costs of the activities
  • Local guides
  • Personal accident insurance
  • VAT 7%
  • 1 cup of Butterfly pea Latte/ pax
USD per guest

15.00 Meet at Sawanbondin Farm and Homestay, Chiang Rai. Receive a warm welcome by the farm owner (To) and enjoy the farm tour where fresh herbs are waiting for you to try!

15.30 Learn organic tea ingredients such as butterfly pea, roselle, lemongrass, pandan, chrysanthemum, safflower, Assam tea, etc. Get inspired by the art of tea brewing and fun facts about tea and all herbal ingredients. Feel free to mix the ingredients to create your one and only tea recipe to get the delightful sensory experience of tasting tea. After that, let’s share your cup of tea with each other. Make new friends so that all the ideas flow! Write down your experience, tips, ideas or anything you have learnt from the workshop. The notes will be part of a new tea recipe to be created by Sawanbondin Farm and Homestay. 17.00 Say goodbye with the sip of butterfly pea latte, a special tea recipe of Sawanbondin Farm and Homestay Please note If such unexpected conditions as weather occurred, the program would be changed and replaced by indoor activities.

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