Farmer Life at Nakhon Sawan Bueng Krajang Ngam Community, Krok Phra District, Nakhon Sawan Province

Nakhon Sawan, Thailand
3 Day 2 Night
English, Thai

About the trip
Live a slow life and learn how local farmers grow rice. You will experience many local activities including picking bamboo shoots and growing oyster mushrooms which can be processed into local products bringing income to the community. Then, go catch fish like a local and find local cooking ingredients to make various dishes with local taste. At night, it is perfect for watching a beautiful night sky with bright stars. Are you ready to experience a farmer’s local life at Baan Bueng Krajang Ngam Community.
  • Experience the life of a local farmer. Learn how to grow rice seeds, throw young rice plants and toss rice grains in the paddy fields
  • Find out the benefits of bamboo. Pick some bamboo shoots to cook a delicious dish and learn how to make fermented bamboo shoots for sale
  • Gather around a bonfire and enjoy grilled food under a beautiful night sky
  • Visit Khao Luang Temple to pray for luck

Day 1 

09.00 AM

Arrive at the Community Enterprise of Baan Bueng Krajang Ngam. Receive a warm welcome from the community members and get to know more about the community from the travel route of Baan Bueng Krajang Ngam. Then, greet local representatives - the village headman and others while enjoying local snacks such as ‘Kanom Tom’ and ‘Kao Pong’ and a refreshing cool drink. 


09.30 AM 

Enjoy rice farming activities including growing rice seeds, throwing young rice plants and tossing rice grains in the paddy fields. Get to know rice varieties such as ‘Chor Ratree’ a locally grown type of rice that the locals have preserved. Try Chor Ratree Rice and you will love its soft texture and light scent similar to that of a night jasmine. 


11.30 AM 

Cook local dishes such as ‘Kang Tay Po’ or Thai red curry with pork belly and water spinach, Thai curry with river snails, and roasted steamed fish wrapped in banana leaf, and let’s enjoy your lunch. 


02.00 PM

Hop on a Thai tractor to Aunt Ning’s place to learn how to grow oyster mushrooms before collecting some to cook dinner. 


04.00 PM 

Enjoy local activities like rowing a boat, and catching fish. Let’s bike around the pond and watch a beautiful sunset in a romantic atmosphere and then see how local people make roasted fish, which is a local way to preserve them. 


06.30 PM

Have dinner at the accommodation. 


08.00 PM 

Gather around a bonfire and grill food like fish and potatoes while talking to the community members sharing experiences with each other under a beautiful night sky. 


Day 2 

06.00 AM 

Wake up early to make merit by offering food to Buddhist monks. 


08.00 AM 

Have breakfast - coffee, hot beverages and homemade bread. 


09.30 AM 

Get to know more about bamboo! Let’s pick some bamboo shoots and make ‘Nhor Mai Som’ or fermented bamboo shoots. 


12.00 PM 

Have lunch. 


02.00 PM

Let’s help Uncle Ood make firewood. Then, put them in Uncle Ood’s traditional stove and start a fire with charcoal. 


03.30 PM 

Time for sightseeing around the community! You can also see a range of Khao Luang Mountain - a gigantic view of nature that is perfect for beautiful shots. Then, visit Krajang Ngam Temple for praying. 


06.30 PM 

Have dinner by the pond and learn how people here use local wisdom to create local brews which can bring them jobs and money.  


08.00 PM

Leisure time. 


Day 3   

06.00 AM 

Start your day by offering food to the Buddhist monks and receiving blessings from the monks before going back home today. 


07.00 AM 

Have breakfast - coffee, hot beverages and homemade bread. 


08.30 AM 

Let’s learn the art of knife making from skillful local makers which is a traditional way that has been practiced across generations. 


11.30 AM 

Travel to Khao Luang Mountain to visit Khao Luang Temple for praying. 


12.00 PM 

Enjoy lunch together. 


01.30 PM

Pack your luggage and leave the community with memorable moments. Return home safely. 

  • Meals mentioned in the program
  • Transportation mentioned in the program
  • Accommodation for 2 nights
  • Activities mentioned in the program
  • Local guide
  • Vat 7%
  • Round trip transportation
  • The itinerary is subject to change depending on the weather and under certain circumstances. If outdoor activities cannot run as planned, Local Alike will provide alternative indoor activities to offer authentic experiences to all guests. The happiness of the community and travelers are our priority.
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