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Community-based Tourism

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Sustainable Development

Local Alike works hand in hand with local people to promote ‘community-based tourism’ to provide travelers with authentic and meaningful travel experiences and contribute to the preservation of culture and nature while bringing economic opportunities for decent and sustainable livelihoods to local communities.


authentic experience in local communities.


different cultures and ways of life.


sustainable living in local communities.


villages in 42 provinces


generated to local communities


part-time jobs created


travelers connected to local communities

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Be a genuine part of the local communities! They’d really love to welcome you to their houses and show you their way of life. You'll feel like a part of their families!

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You’ve already made a positive impact by booking with us. 70% of your money will go directly to the villages. Writing a review, to help them spread their communities!

Local Alike Exclusive Packages

Let’s get experiences by traveling while emphasizing the development of local communities.
Local Alike contributes to Sustainable Development Goals to achieve sustainable tourism for better livelihoods of community members. Let’s get experiences by traveling while emphasizing the development of local communities.

Local Homestay

Local homestay experiences offer a wide range of community-focused activities to enjoy, such as helping to preserve the surrounding environment, following scenic tour routes with expert guides, as well as learning new skills and wisdom from farmers and craftsmen.

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Let our stories inspire your next meaningful travel

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Local Alike and Partners, who support community-based tourism, proudly present special travel collections full of local experiences.

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