◉ We require at least 14 days to arrange everything with the local communities. ◉ The local communities also need time to prepare all the activities and buy necessary materials and ingredients as well as arrange the schedule of the people in the community.
Farm Stays Experience in Thailand

Explore Local Alike’s Farm Stay Experiences in Thailand

Agro-tourism is a unique way to gain an authentic Thai experience. Farm stays allow tourists to immerse themselves in the rural way of life in Thailand. Farming communities throughout Thailand are a treasure trove of culture and tradition that have been preserved throughout generations.

Farm Stays Experience in Thailand

Local Alike, a leading provider of sustainable, community-centered eco-tourism in Thailand, offers enriching agro travel packages where participants can explore working farms, learn about traditional Thai farming methods, and stay with local families.

Farm Stay Experiences in Thailand

Baan Luang Neua Community

One such farm stay tour takes eco-tourists to Baan Luang Neua in the northern province of Chiang Mai, where they can experience the customs and traditions of the Tai Lue community while basking in the beauty of nature.

The 2-day, 1-night package delves into the rich history of this farming community through exploring local rituals and handicrafts, tasting authentic local cuisine, and embracing the tranquil rural environment. The experience begins with a warm welcome from the community through beautiful local folk songs that teach you about the community’s history. Then, it’s time to visit the Tai Lue Luang Neua Wisdom Learning Center to discover the distinctive culture and way of life, including their traditions, language, clothing, and food.

Visitors will also learn about farm life, such as the local methods of separating cotton seeds, yarn spinning, weaving, riding cow carts, and pounding rice. During your stay, you will explore the community to learn about agricultural methods firsthand – from picking vegetables to collecting duck eggs and casting nets in the river to catch fish. You will also get to try your hand at making Yam Phaya Luang, a local shoulder bag, to take home as a souvenir of your trip, as well as making local yarn lamps.

At Baan Luang Neua, you will stay with local families, where you can enjoy authentic local food and delicacies like Khanon Duang or Ladyfinger Dumplings and fresh guava juice.

Baan Mae Mae Community

This tour package takes visitors to an ancient village that is over 200 years old. Baan Mae Mae is located in Chiang Dao District in Chiang Mai, where villagers collect miang or tea leaves and live in houses along the Mae River. Visitors will enjoy the unspoilt natural beauty of the mountains with a hike to a waterfall deep in the jungle. They will also get to cook traditional food and enjoy dinner while staying with local families.

Guests will find out how Baan Mae Mae has maintained a thriving tea culture and learn the local methods of tea cultivation. Tour participants get to immerse themselves in the lifestyle of tea farmers and witness the traditional methods of collecting, roasting, and preparing tea as they take in the quiet beauty of the idyllic environment.

Mae Klang Luang Community

This family-friendly package takes you to the picturesque Mae Klang Luang House, over 1,300 meters high, nestled on the majestic Don Luang Inthon. Set against a breathtaking backdrop of terraced rice fields, the community is renowned for its Arabica coffee, grown and harvested by local farmers. Guests get to witness how the coffee beans are roasted, ground, and brewed and appreciate the rich aroma and flavors of traditionally brewed coffee.

Enjoy hiking scenic nature trails and visit multi-tiered cliff waterfalls, as friendly locals eagerly share their culture, traditions, and way of life that maintains a harmonious balance with nature.

Thailand Farm Stay Activities With Local Alike

Cooking Local Cuisine in Baan Sook Somboon

These farm stay tours are just some of the community-based tourism experiences we offer. Designed to be fun, educational, and immersive, these experiences present opportunities for travelers to embark on off-the-beaten-path trips while contributing to conserving the local environment, ecosystem, culture, and way of life.

Explore Thailand’s agricultural heritage with tours organized in cooperation with traditional farming communities across the country. You can learn about organic farming and cooking with the Baan Sook Somboon community in Nakhon Ratchasima or organic cocoa production at Nan’s Cocoa Valley. For gastronomic adventurers, learn about traditional cricket farming with Sukhothai’s Tha Chai community.

Visit a famous mulberry farm and learn about cotton hand-weaving techniques in On Tai, Chiang Mai, or see mushroom farms, orchards, and rubber groves in the quaint village of Phrom Lok in Nakhon Si Thammarat. You can learn about the coconut farmers’ way of life with the Khlong Ta Ja community in Samut Songkram, or cook traditional chili paste and royal Thai desserts and delicacies with the farming community in Baan Laem, Suphanburi.

Every thoughtfully designed tour integrates the host communities’ unique features and rich traditions to promote their agricultural practices. Highlighting Local Alike’s tagline of “Good traveling, lasting impact,” we have been offering unforgettable tours for over a decade, utilizing our close connections with local communities to craft one-of-a-kind experiences across more than 200 communities in over 60 provinces.

Our knowledgeable travel consultants are highly experienced in arranging all the details required to make your trip worry-free and memorable. Create meaningful memories and a positive social impact on your next trip! Contact us for more information about our farm stay tours in Thailand.

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