◉ We require at least 14 days to arrange everything with the local communities. ◉ The local communities also need time to prepare all the activities and buy necessary materials and ingredients as well as arrange the schedule of the people in the community.
Ban Mae Mae in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai Local Community Activities

Ban Mae Mae in Chiang Mai, Thailand

People who love to travel also want to provide benefits to the people and places they’re visiting. They want to support the local economies, eat at local restaurants and stay in smaller hotels and guesthouses. By traveling this way, they gain a much richer experience and create a closer bond with the people and cultures they encounter, which is much more important than any t-shirt or selfie proving you were there.

Local Alike is a community-based, eco-friendly tourism company in Thailand that offers sustainable travel packages. We help you discover the beauty of Thailand’s natural wonders and its culture, cuisine, and people. We offer sustainable travel packages that help financially support the communities of Thailand and enable them to show the unsurpassed beauty of the country to visitors from around the world.

Chiang Mai Eco-travel Experiences

The Chiang Mai province of Thailand is a multicultural area with mountainous areas and fertile valleys. The city of Chiang Mai was the ancient home of the Lanna people and culture. The old town section of the city is famous for the moat and ruins that formed the defensive perimeter of the ancient city.

The hills and valleys of the region have their own special history, culture, traditions, and people. The hill tribes practice a way of life that can be seen and explored as Local Alike introduces you to these friendly and welcoming people and invites you to spend time with them.

Local Alike offers several specialized tours that explore Chiang Mai’s local communities, and their activities and lifestyles. Each tour focuses on different aspects of the culture, cuisine, handicrafts and agriculture of this stunning and unique northern region of Thailand.

Read on to discover more about just some of the tours we have around the Chiang Mai region and get an idea of the culturally and socially enriching experiences you can enjoy by letting Local Alike be your guide.

Homestay Serenity, Trekking and Tea Discovery

This is a two-day discovery of the village of Ban Mae Mae in the misty and lush mountains of the Chiang Dao district of Chiang Mai. Enjoy a trekking tour of the areas in and around this picturesque village, including a visit to an idyllic waterfall, and learn the 200-year-old history of the village. Ban Mae Mae has a thriving tea culture based on the ancient villagers’ practice of gathering Miang leaves to brew tea. You’ll visit a tea plantation and enjoy a unique experience meeting and learning about the lifestyle of these villagers amid the panoramic vistas of the mountains.

Enchanting Coffee at Mae Klang Luang, Chiang Mai

Enchanting Mae Klang Luang: Nature, Coffee, and Cultural Delights

Discover the picturesque valley and the Mae Klang Luang House the Pgakenyo community has called home for generations in the spectacular Doi Inthon National Park. At an altitude of 1300 meters, the area is famous for its Arabica coffee grown by the local residents. You’ll learn about coffee cultivation, from growing and harvesting the beans to roasting, grinding, and brewing. If you visit between June and October, you’ll also experience the bright green backdrop provided by the area’s rice fields.

On Tai Community, Chiang Mai Province

The On Tai community is a cultural destination in Chaing Mai that demonstrates the area’s cuisines, woven crafts and other traditions. The hill tribes of Chiang Mai are known for their beautiful clothing using hand-dyed cotton. You’ll visit Monsiri, a famous mulberry farm in Chiang Mai and learn how they use mulberries to produce the dye for coloring the cloth. You’ll also learn how hand-woven cotton cloth is produced and how to cook seasonal local dishes. You’ll cap off your evening with a visit to Mae Pha Han reservoir to witness a star-filled night sky.

Pottery Treasures: Exploring Muangkung’s Artistic Legacy

Learn the pottery traditions of local artisans by going on a half-day pottery village walking tour of Muangkung, a beautiful village nestled in the middle of Chiang Mai province. You’ll tour the village’s pottery museum and gain a deeper appreciation for the care and expertise they exhibit in practicing the mastery of their craft. From preparing the clay to wheel throwing and glazing the finished products, you’ll be able to observe all the skills that go into making pottery a livelihood that has supported this community for generations.

Threads of Tradition: Weaving, Culinary Delights & Cultural Immersion

Immerse yourself in Tai Leu traditions by embarking on a day-long discovery of the Tai Leu lifestyle, including dressing in their traditional clothes. You’ll learn their ancient dances and watch a dance performance. You’ll take a cooking class to prepare local delicacies, and you can also visit their temples and watch their revered artisans weaving and creating intricate textiles. The traditional crafts demonstrations take place in the local community center, allowing for an immersive experience for visitors. The highlight of the trip will be sitting down to an exquisite lunch of exotic local flavors prepared by the best chefs in the community.

Mutually Beneficial Travel

Local Alike works with both travelers and the local communities to ensure a much richer and more beneficial experience for all involved. You’ll get a firsthand, immersive look at how the diverse people of Thailand live and take home memories that few other travelers will experience. Contact Local Alike to plan your sustainable and eco-friendly trip to amazing Thailand.

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