◉ We require at least 14 days to arrange everything with the local communities. ◉ The local communities also need time to prepare all the activities and buy necessary materials and ingredients as well as arrange the schedule of the people in the community.
Meet and learn from the locals during a CSR community activity with Local Alike

Why Corporate Social Responsibility Should Move Toward Community Tourism

Many companies and organizations are turning toward ecotourism and community tourism as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs by supporting various ecotours in Thailand.

CSR, also known as corporate citizenship, involves companies making a conscious effort to take action and responsibility for their social, economic, and environmental impact. CSR programs can take many forms depending on the company and industry.

Meet and learn from the locals during a CSR community activity with Local Alike

Benefits of CSR

A relevant CSR program aims to promote ethical and sustainable social actions by a company or organization. CSR can benefit both the organization and its members in several ways:

Giving Back

CSR activities provide opportunities for members of an organization to give back to their community, which can help boost employee morale and give them a sense of fulfillment through meaningful action.

Positive Social Image

CSR is a great publicity tool for organizations to build their social image through the advocacies that they support. Favorable brand recognition contributes positively to a company’s brand equity. It also helps to develop goodwill between the organization and the community it is involved in.

Shared Value

Through social work, volunteer opportunities serve to build teamwork and camaraderie within the company. Employees will feel a sense of belonging when engaging in a CSR activity that aligns with their personal values and advocacies. It is a good way for organizations to develop loyalty as well.

Community Tourism and CSR

Community-based tourism supports local communities by empowering members to manage and operate tourism activities so that the community directly gains economic and social benefits. The local people become primary decision-makers in shaping the tourism scene in their own communities, enabling them to balance and manage their economic development with the socio-cultural and environmental impacts.

Local Alike, a leading local ecotour company in Thailand, urges more companies to consider community tourism as an ideal way to conduct CSR. These are some advantages of our community-based CSR activities:


As a sustainable company, we at Local Alike take our social responsibility very seriously. In fact, it is part of our mission to highlight the conservation of the natural environment and preservation of the local culture and identity of the communities we work with.


We connect host communities with CSR programs by offering corporate volunteer programs that are excellent ways for companies to fulfill their corporate social responsibility toward the local community. We have built a strong collaborative network of over 200 communities throughout Thailand, providing unique CSR experiences for more than 30 organizations and counting. As a social enterprise, Local Alike serves as a liaison between various stakeholders – the local communities, government agencies, and civil society organizations.


Local Alike’s community-based tours can be fully customized to suit any schedule and budget. We also provide consultation for organizations to identify the needs of local communities and how to address them with relevant social programs.

CSR Community-Based Tour Ideas With Local Alike

Our community-based tours aim to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, such as environmental conservation, stakeholder education, and community empowerment. By supporting social enterprises, CSR programs help create a more sustainable and resilient tourism industry.

Get hands-on experience making local handicrafts during a CSR trip with Local Alike

By utilizing our network of communities across the country, we offer carefully planned tours with itineraries covering various fields of interest, from farming to fishing, handicrafts, textiles, delicacies, and many more. We try our best to focus on each community’s industries and practices, which usually highlight their natural resources and traditions.

Participants in Local Alike ecotours are in for a fun time with adventure-filled activities such as camping, hiking, rafting, diving, and other nature experiences. We have a wide range of activities that allow participants to appreciate Thailand’s natural beauty and diversity and the richness of Thai culture and heritage.

Find great CSR activity ideas from some of our popular community-based tours:

  • Tea plantation immersion and homestay at Ban Mae Mae, Chiang Mai.
  • Akha tribal and cultural tour with the Hloryo community in Chiang Rai.
  • Coconut farm cultural and culinary tour of the Takhian Tia community in Chonburi.
  • Nature tour of the Bang Kor Bua community in Phra Pradaeng, Samut Prakan.
  • Farm life experience with the Ban Luang Nuea community in Chiang Mai.
  • Riverside community tour and traditional dessert cooking lessons with the Ban Laem community in Suphanburi.
  • Wellness tour with organic farming and cooking in Wang Nam Kiao, Nakhon Ratchasima.
  • Sunset viewing and stargazing at Phu Pa Po National Park in Loei province.
  • Sufficient economy learning experience at Baan Phu Khae village in Saraburi.
  • Old Siam-Portuguese historical and culinary tour at Kudeejeen, Bangkok.
  • Cultural and urban community tour of Khlong Toey in Bangkok.
  • Whitewater rafting in Petchaburi River with reforestation learning and camping experience. 
  • Cotton weaving and cultural visit in Baan Sern Nuea, Khon Kaen.
  • Cultural tour to learn rubber tapping, batik cloth making, and traditional Thai cooking with the Phrom Lok community in Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Our tour packages typically include transportation, guided tours, meals, entrance fees to attractions mentioned in the itinerary, and travel insurance. Other inclusions depend on the specific details of each package. We often require at least two weeks advance notice for tour reservations to give us enough time to coordinate with the communities and arrange accommodation and transportation. Booking popular tours during the busy season may require a longer lead time.

With more than a decade of experience creating a positive impact through community tourism, Local Alike can offer many community-based CSR ideas that deliver uniquely meaningful experiences. Contact our travel consultants and ask about our Voluntour CSR programs today.

Ammi Ratanataya

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